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*The stars are not a rating system. I keep track of when I have reviewed zines with the stars.

* = Reviews 1-100
** = Reviews 101-201

**100th Zine Review Celebration Awards: All You Need is Zine Love**
**200th Zine Review Celebration Awards: I Read a Zine, And I Liked It**


****5 O’Clock Press
***10 Weeds You Can Eat!


****A Beginner’s Guide to Bizarro Fiction
**A Good Place to Start #1: Music From Around the World
*A Guide to Being Cool
*A Guide to Letter Writing
*A Guide to Op Shopping
***A Guide to Self-Care
****A Guide to Soap Operas
**A High Degree of Spring Fever
*A History of Abandoned Hobbies
****A Review of Festival of the Photocopier 2019
***A Teenie Weenie Write-y Zine-y
****A Visitor In Myself #1
*A Visitor In Myself #2
****A Year in the Life of Ravens 1-3
**ADL —> MEL
***ADL -> MEL
**Adulting: How to Be an Adultier Adult
****Adventures Close to Home
****Adventures in Predictive Text
***Alone in a New City 1 & 2
**Anecdata 1
**Anecdata 2
**Anecdata 5
***Ang Pangalawang Pagtatapat The Second Confessions
*Anonymous said: A Zine By Cutthroat Cutie
**Asperger’s & The Re:Spectrum of Human Emotions / Perfect Mix Tape Segue Number Six


***B Movie Bandits: A Fanzine
****Barren: On Infertility and Creation
**BDSM FAQ: Your Anitidote to Fifty Shades of Grey
*Beer and Longing
****Behind the Scenes with George Rex
**Big Tight #6: Below Zee Level
***Birder Beginnings: Introduction to Bird Watching
**Bloomurder #1
****Body Hair: A Love/Hate Story
**Botanical Photography
*‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue One
*‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Two
*‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Three
*‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Four
*‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Five
*‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Six
**Brainscan 21: irreconcilable differences
**Brainscan 27 Ten Stories
***Brainscan 33 DIY Witchery: An Exploration of Secular Witchcraft
*Bus Driver Blues
*By the Skin of My Teeth Issue One
*By the Skin of My Teeth Issue Two
*By the Skin of My Teeth Issues Three and Four


****Carly Rae Jepsen Fanzine #1
***Cats Not Kids 1
****Cats Not Kids 2
****Cats Not Kids 3
***Catzine 2
**Chronic Illhouse
****Chronicled Chaos Issue 1
****Claiming Bisexuality
****Cobalt/Periwinkle/Indigo Thoughts
***Coffee & People 1 & 2
**Colouring Fun Zine
**Comics & Beer
***Connection Edit: Shine
**Conspira/torial #1
***Conversation to Falafels
**Coping Skills: Because Sometimes Life Is Some Serious Bullshit
*Crafty Collage
*Cultural Tease 4
**Curse On a Zinester


**Dead Templeton Issue 1
*Dear Crush
****Dear Diary, Today I Died 1
****Dear Diary, Today I Died 2
****Dear Diary, Today I Died 3
**Death Bring Me Freedom From My Heart For I Am Enslaved
***Decency is a Relative Thing
**Defriending: Navigating the Friendship Breakup
***Diary of a Lavender Plant
***Dirty Lesbian
**Disabled Artist Affirmations
***Do-It-Yourself Care
****dog. a zine about cats
****Dog Drawns
**Doris 15 DIY Anti-depression Guide
***Doris 26
****Draw My Steed Charity Zine
***Drawn Poorly Zine: Identity
***Dream a Little Dream
**Dress Up Zin – Colour, Cut & Stick
***Drongo 1


*Earth Kinnection Zine Vol. 1
***Eldritch Yourself
***Enby Life: Stories, poetry, & art by non-binary people
**Ethical Sloth 4 – Happy Horror
*Every Morning
**Everything Dies 7
***Exhaustion Is…


**Falling Apart: A Zine on Death, Grief, Mourning & Loss
**Fat is Beautiful
*Fat-tastic 1
*Fat-tastic 2
*Fat-tastic 3
***Femme as in…
****Fishy Encounters
***For My Grandmother
***Forever Incomplete #1
****Found in Books 3 and 4
***Fragments Issue 5
*Friday Night in West Ealing #76
*Fuck Fame
***Fully Sick, Chronically Sad
**Functionally Ill 19: Fully Favorable


***G.P.S. Ghostly Paranormal Séance
*Galactic Regency Vampire Pirates
**Getting Over It… When Other People Are Total Assholes or You’re Just Tired of Your Own Bullshit
****Genderqueer is ->
**Good to Know Issue #1 Creativity
****Goosebumps Issue Six: Guide to The Sea of Trees
**Growing to Become Myself 2017
*Guest Informant #1
****Guitarrr (And Bass) Mini Manual Zine


**Hand It Over #1
*Hand Job Zine Issue 6
*Hello My Name Is
****Honey Bear
**Hot Pants! Do It Yourself Gynecology and Herbal Remedies
*How do You Take It? 2014 (Issue #14)
**how it feels now
*How to Be Alone 2
**How to Be Alone 6.1
*How to Make a Mini Journal
****How to Pat Cats: A Guide to Being a Feline Friend
*How to Save Your Life for Later 1
****How to Sleep
*How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence
*How to Turn Your Journal Into Your Best Friend, Your Life Coach, And a Visual Extravaganza
*How to Write a Mills & Boon-esque Bodice Ripper Novel
****How We Met Dory Bean


**I F#cking Love This Album
***I Hate Raisins
**I Look Miserable, But Laughter is My Theme Song
**i’m sick.
***If You Hate Someone… You Hate Someone
****Inktober 2018
**It Will Be Okay
**Imaginary Homework
***In Movement
****Inappropriate ABCs
***Insomniughhh 1
***Insomniughhh 2
***Intimacies Vol 1
***Intimacies Vol 2
***Introduction to Gratitude & Self Love
****It’s My First Time, I Swear


**Johnny V and Sober Bob and the Hunt for Gender Affirming State Mandated Identification
***Joining the Dots: A Queer, Fat Positive Perzine About PCOS


**Kackle Issue 3D Skull Water
***Kari-graphy – A Show-and-Tell About Calligraphy
**Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments
*Ker-Bloom! 106
**Ker-bloom! 116: The Cat Who Flew
**killing spiders & other words in spring


**Labor of Love
***Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
**Let’s Communicate!
**Literal Trash
****Little Things About Hawai’i
****Livor Mortis 1
***Lost Projects 3
***Lost Projects 4
**LP Style
*LP’s Lists: A 24 Hour Zine


**Meta Zine
***Midnight Ice Cream
*Mild Scribbling #5
**Mild Scribbling #6
*Mini-Moss: Log / Mini-Moss: Dognapped
*Mini Moz Fanzine
****Murals of Marin 1
****Mushrump: A Slowquest Mini Manual Zine
**my dads ugly clock-wall
****My First Job
*My Learnings
***My Mad Fat Zine
**My Thoughts Will Kill Me
**Mythologising Me #10


*New Hearts, New Bones 16 : Evil Has Many Faces
***Newspaper Blackout Poetry
***Nice Things That Happened to Me Because of Pokemon Go!
**Nora’s New Home


**O’Flannigans 1-5
***Oh Brother! Some Stories About Growing Up With a Brother With Autism
*On Self-Motivation
****One Day Sober (It’s Not Over)
**Opinionated Nobody #8
*Outstanding Stickman 1 & Cool Yule


***Pet Hates
*Photocopy Press Issue One
*Photocopy Press 2
*Pieces #1 On Writing, Reading & Growing Up
*Pieces #2 On Girls & Wondering
*Pieces #3 On Writing, Drinking & Demons
*Pieces #4 On Lucid Dreaming
*Pieces #5 On Change
***Pieces #7: On belief, delusion, & love
**Pieces #11 On Connecting Through Friendships, Letters & Zines
***Pieces #13 on being a romantic asexual
**Plaid Skirts & Converse #1
****Pocket Thoughts 2
****Pocket Thoughts 3
***Poly/Not Poly: Adventures in Relationship Structure Ambivalence
**Portraits Issue 1
**Posture 2: Create or Perish
***Practical Zinemaking
***Precious Pearl
***Proof I Exist #20
****Proof I Exist #28
**promiscuous agriculture
**Proof I Exist 22: International Zine Month
*Proof I Exist #23 – Questions and Answers
**Property Zine 1.2 (Fall 2016) & 1.3 (Winter 2016)
***Push: A Cure Fanzine Issue 1 – Sugar Girl


**Queer Content #4 – An Essay on W.H. Auden’s ‘Another Time’
***Queer Content #5: Sadvertising – An Attempt At Healing
**Queer Indigenous Girl


***Rabbits & Relics: Okunoshima (Rabbit Island)
***Radical Vulnerability and Mental Health
***Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting Off the Internet
***Real Tioga Vol 7
****Riot Grrrl Reviews 2
****Roam 01
***Rose/Water – No Longer Confused
***Rum Lad Issue 12


*SAD: Sensitive Adult Daily – A Zine for Sensitive Adults
***Sensitive Adult Series
***Scissors & Chainsaws
***Self-Care for Zinesters
**Self Help 1
**Self Help 2
***Sensitive Adult (series)
*Sex Industry Apologist
*Shakespeare’s Lovers: Macbeth
*Shakespeare’s Lovers: Twelfth Night
**Shark Self Help
**Shit Talk
***Shit’s Fucked #2
**Side Project #5
**Sketchbook 1
**Skin Folk: A Tattoo Appreciation Zine
**SlowQuest – A Choose Your Own Adventure Zine – Quest I: The Goblin Guard
***SlowQuest II: Meet the Wizard
***Small Potatoes #1
***Small Potatoes #2
***Small Potatoes #3
***Small Potatoes #4
****Smoking Dreams
**Sober Bob Supplementary
***Some Wizards
****Sometimes People Don’t Suck 1, 2, 3
***Someone Stranger #5: The Silent Pen Issue
***Spaced Out
***Sticks And Stones
**Stories About Returning
****Stories Behind the Ink
****Stories From the Inside Issue 1
*Strange News From Another Star
***Strange Romance #1
**Stressed & Overwhelmed: Good Habits for the Exhausted Overachiever
***Strictly Ballroom: A Fan Zine
*Summer Goals List
****Sweet & Sour Split Mini Zines


***Taking Up Space
****Tales From Admin Support
**Tasteful Insect Nudes
****Terrible Stories
***That Girl 16
**The 125th Street Demon
****The 24 Hour Zine
****The Adventures of Punk Bird 1
****The American Indian Ready to Wear Catalog 2018
*The Beginner’s Book of Awesome Affirmations V.3
***The Brokedown Pamphlet: war some of the time
**The Cock Thesaurus
*The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad
*The Ken Chronicles 33
**The La-La Theory #6: Always Already
**The Life and Times of Billy Roberts #76
**The Life and Times of Billy Roberts Issue 78
***The Life and Times of Cashed Up Bogans
***The Little Things
***The Little Zine of Mindfulness
**The Magic of Mail
*The Nutella Cookbook
**The Other Side
**The Perks of Being a Librarian
**The Radical Uprise 5: DIY Culture Cut & Paste
**The Radical Uprise 6: Summer Kicker!
**The Reverse Cougar Years #3
**the reverse side #1
**The Screever Issue Eleven Spring ’17
****The Stay At Home Girlfriend 17
**The Stay At Home Girlfriend 22
****The Stay At Home Girlfriend 24
****The Summer of ’14
**The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages! #1
*The Third Biannual Mildly Informative Booklet Depicting Graphical Representations of General Occurrences and Observations
****The Would-Be President
**There is No Relief or Release From Sorrow
*Things I Know About Cooking and Not Eating Animals
**Things I’ve Learnt From Moving To/Living In Melbourne
****Things My Parents Never Taught Me
****Things Things Think About
***This Asian American Life
**This Has All Been Too Much For Me Today, I Think I’ll Go Back to Bed
**Thought for the Day The Body Image Issue
***Thoughts of a Queer Marshmallow #3
***To The End of Time: A Photography Manifesto
**Too Pretentious For Melbourne
****Torso 2018


*Updated Report of Observations Which Somehow Seem to Reflect Abstractly on Life (Stat 2)
*Under the Influence: The Girly Review


****Video Games for Good


*Wanderluster #1
****Warglitter Zines Issue 1
***Weird Dudes
**What I Have Lost
****What’s in My Travel Zine Kit
****What’s Mine is Yours: The Zine Gang Distro Origin Story
**Why Am I Even Here?
**Why I Love Nic Cage (And You Should Too) Activity & Fun Book
***Wildlife of Victoria Vol 1 – Semi-Domesticated Animals
****Wildlife of Victoria Vol 2 – Entirely Domesticated Animals
*Winged Snail Mail
*Wiseblood #37 The Cat-Sitting Issue
*Wiseblood #62
**Wiseblood #64
***Wiseblood #66
**Wiseblood #67
***Wonder Weirdness Witchcraft 1: Beginnings
**Woolf Pack #4
*Work in Progress


**Xerography Debt #34


*You Don’t Know Me


***Zine Crush 2
*Zine Crush 3
****Zine in a Day Zine 1
**Zines on Toast Tour
***Zinewrimo 2017 Pack

PS. My primary school librarian would kick my arse for listing things alphabetically but leaving in ‘the’ (as in “The Cat Zine” is listed in “T” instead of “Cat Zine, The” listed in “C”), but I feel like the way I was taught has gone a bit out of style. I think more people expect to look in the “T” section for something that starts with “The”.

Archive (2013) Reviews

#Black Hole Brains
#Brainscan 25.5
#Delusion #2
#Doctor Who: A Mini-Zine of Fave Quotes
#G-String Tremolo
#Gag Me With A… Issue Four
#I Look Miserable, But I’m Bubbling Over With Joy
#in the headlights
#Instructions for surviving the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: In rhyming couplets
#Let’s Go to Space!
#Spring in Headville
#Stitch This
#stolen sharpie revolution 2
#The Other Herald
#Without A Map: A You Adventure

Guest Reviews
*Don’t Call Me Cupcake #5 Reviewed by Fishspit
*It’s Better Than Nothing Reviewed by Amber is Blue
*Nightwalking, An Incomplete Guide To The Cats Of Kingsville, Fault & Fracture #1-4, How to Properly Read People’s Minds Reviewed by Apples
*Oh Shit. I Accidentally Lived to be 24. What Now?? Reviewed by Amber is Blue
*Oishii Expressions Reviewed by JEM Hast
*Paris on Film / Amsterdam on Film Reviewed by Amber is Blue
*The 5 Cent News #3 Reviewed by Bubble Puppy
*Wiseblood #65 The Pussy Whipped Again Issue Reviewed by Bloodfreak

*Last updated: 6.June.2019

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