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Zine Review: Dog Drawns

Dog Drawns

Dog Drawns is an A7 one-page folded mini of dog drawings.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I love dogs. I couldn’t resist a cute dog mini. Heart squeeze guaranteed.

I must admit that the part that squeezed my heart the most is the note at the start of the zine. Ellie writes that they made this zine of drawings because they can’t have a dog of their own.

Six drawings of a variety of different dogs follow. I was also very happy to find an A4 dog drawing surprise when you unfold the zine. (I will never tire of the ‘surprise inside content’ of one-page mini-zines.)

One thing missing from this zine is any sort of social link. Not so much as an email. So if you know the Ellie who made this, let me know, and I will update the top info.

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