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Zine Review: A Review of Festival of the Photocopier 2019

A Review of Festival of the Photocopier 2019
JEM Hast

A Review of Festival of the Photocopier 2019 is an A5 black and white zine about Festival of the Photocopier 2019 – JEM’s first FotP!

Review opens with a summary of JEM’s day one of Festival of the Photocopier. JEM started the day folding zines on the train while on the way to the festival and ended it with a backpack full of zines. (Score!) JEM writes about meeting various zinesters – including yours truly. I must admit that it was strange in a truly lovely way to read about our meeting in person from JEM’s perspective.

The rest of the zine is a fun collection of bits and bobs. At one point they show the signs from their table (they tabled on day two), and I smiled when I say the ‘trades welcome’ sign. I really love JEM and tablemate Cassie’s idea of bringing a notebook along that people could add to it for inclusion in the zine. I absolutely adore the idea. Sketches from various people fill other pages.

JEM’s zine haul list is on the back inside cover and is quite impressive. Haha.

This zine is event-specific and happens to be an event I went to, so I am a bit biased in that way. That being said, I think this zine is a fun, fairly quick read that will serve as a fun reminder of the event.

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  • Jess Hast

    Wow Nyx, thank you so much for your lovely review! I logged into Facebook yesterday to see that yourself, Sticky and Small Zine Volcano had shared this, and my head almost exploded from excitement. Thanks for spreading the zine love <3

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