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Zine Review: How We Met Dory-Bean

How We Met Dory-Bean
Dory-Bean’s Humans

How We Met Dory-Bean is an A6 black ink on pink paper zine about how three humans met the adorable Dory Bean.

This zine was yet another case of love at first sight for me. Sewn binding? Rounded corners? A peeking cat on the cover? Yes, yes, and yes please.

How We Met Dory-Bean opens with Dory Bean falling out of the sky and, of course, then demanding some food. From there we read a very sweet story of cat food, notes passed via cat collar, and a cat who chose her humans instead of the other way around.

I love this zine to bits. The story is sweet, the illustrations are adorable, and the zine itself is so well made. Each page spread has text on the left page and an oh-so-cute illustration on the right. The interior page corners are rounded just like the cover. Plus, it’s sewn with pink thread that matches the pink interior pages.

I will definitely be getting extra copies to get for my cat enthusiast friends.

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