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ZineWriMo Wrap Up (& Life)

Forgive me the later than usual post. So much happening over here!



I know it’s the 5th of December, but I still wanted to do a sort of wrap up sort of shout out for ZineWriMo (Facebook). November ended up being complicated in a lot of ways, including revamping my asthma attack plan (yeah, asthma ninja skills) because the hayfever hit HARD this year.

ZineWriMo was a really nice bit of extra motivation, and the Facebook group is so, so supportive. There are people there who want to keep the good times going even though November is over, so definitely still check it out if you’re interested.

I am very happy to have finished Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 and Hairy. (Still a bit weird about that title, but some things name themselves.)


Wanderer and I had another trip over to Adelaide (about a 7 hour drive) that involved driving over on Wednesday and driving back on Thursday. We anticipated it taking a lot out of us, but it was even more full on than we thought.

The good news is that we’re one big step closer to moving to South Australia next year. If everything works out, this will be the last spring lung assault I will have to deal with. (Bendigo is amazing, but I can’t breathe…)

We did get to one appointment way early, though, so we chilled out in the park for a while. Zine Ninja loved it.


Purple tree! There are so many jacarandas around Adelaide. It makes me so happy. (I love purple.)


We stopped at the market for breakfast, and I found these gorgeous flowers! How cool are they?! And yes, they are real flowers, in water. Gorgeous.

There will be a lot more to come tomorrow.


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