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Zine Review: Photocopy Press 2

Photocopy Press 2

Photocopy Press / Issue Two / Fall 2010
Elizabeth J.M.W.
US Half-fold (?)

Usually I would want to space these out (delay this since I reviewed the first one yesterday) but I can’t find a third one! Wah. Not happy about that. Things happen, so I’m not wandering around with a dark cloud over my head, but I was really hoping to see more of these.

Mind you, I’m not sure it was the best idea to mention that at the beginning of the review. Moving on!

I do love to review a series (or a first and a sequel) because I love to see how things evolve and progress. From PCP 1 to PCP 2, you see the zine get bigger (yay!) and even more. The extra white space I talked about in the first zine? Gone in favour of squishing in more content. She kept the things I loved: easy to find contact details, zine reviews, zine excerpts, and expanded them in the best ways. The zine reviews now (when possible) have more ways to contact the zine makers. She’s added in book, DVD and web reviews but keeps them zine-related.

I was very impressed with her zinester interview section, in which she managed to get in contact with zine makers from around the world. The US, UK and Australia are obvious ones (to me), but she also connected with people from Japan, Singapore, Israel and more. Well done, Elizabeth.

This is definitely a good expansion on the first zine. While I know it’s a bit dated (how is 2010 so far away already?) it’s still relevant and fun. Plus, it’s interesting to see which people are still making zines, what websites are still up and so on. I do hope to track down a Photocopy Press 3 someday.

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