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Zine Review: New Hearts, New Bones 16 : Evil Has Many Faces


New Hearts, New Bones 16 : Evil Has Many Faces
Cheering and Waving Press
Touch smaller than A6

This little zine is marked as free zine, but I received it in a trade. (Such is the way when postage to your country stinks). It’s a ‘traditional’ zine in the sense of it being black and white, clearly cut and paste, and stapled together in a slightly askew way.

This zine is almost a call to revolution. At least, that’s how I read it. It starts off with a ‘tragic but true’ statement and then prods you into taking action. Into stopping the monotony of it all. While it didn’t inspire me to throw away the ‘shackles of the man’ (and I type that with no sarcasm intended), it was a short, sharp reminder that there is more to the world than the things I immerse myself in.

A bit deep for such a small zine? Perhaps. But I’m in the mood for some stirring of life beyond what it is now.

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