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Zine Review: KILLHOPE #1

Killhope 1

Title: KILLHOPE #1
Author: Rieka
Type: 1/4 page
Author Site(s): ?

Review: This one came from a mail swap. Because I am reviewing this and fill out the ‘metadata’ first, the first thing I’ve noticed is that the website in the back of the zine is cut off. zouksingapore is listed as the Twitter handle, but that led me to a nightclub in Singapore… So I’m not sure. Moving right along.

More text than art, the style suits this journalistic type of zine. Rieka’s wandering thoughts on herself and life – with a bit of Singapore thrown in – are easy to read. She has a writing voice that brings you in gently. I like memoirs, so this sort of writing suits my tastes. While she seems a little nervous in her intro and conclusion, that doesn’t come through in the writing.

Overall, I quite like it, and I like her style. I’m curious to see how she grows as a zine writer.

STATUS: Not for trade

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