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Zine Review: f(ART)

fART Zine


Honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do a review today. The SAD is strong, the to-do list is long, etc. Not the best space to bring to a zine review.

Then Wanderer went to the post office and brought home a box stuffed full of amazing zine goodness from the awesome LogPoes. (Post about that to come later.) I gleefully looked through the zines inside. I saw this zine, and I knew I had to review it. Today.

Why? Because this zine is a hilarious example of how zines can be anything that you want them to be. And everything you would have never thought of otherwise…

I think you can imagine what f(ART) is about from the title. Rather than deep introspection on the meaning of passing gas, this mini-zine is a cut-and-paste project pairing the intense seriousness of fashion with the level of humour I’m only a little ashamed to say I laughed out loud at.

Then I was still so amused that I took it out and showed Wanderer.

So it might not be hilarious to you if you’re, say, more mature than I am (not a hard target to beat)… Still, someone put in all the time and the effort of cutting out these pictures, pasting them, and then adding little fart clouds and words like ‘toot!’. Even if farts aren’t funny, isn’t that person’s efforts worth a smile?

Here’s a peek at the back cover to get an idea of what’s inside.

fART Zine Back Cover

This is definitely going in the ‘for keeps’ collection.

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