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Zine Review: ‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue One

2015-10-22 17.04.31

‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue One

Woo! This zine came as an awesome zine trade on Zines A Go Go on Facebook. Gregg was awesomely generous and sent me six issues of ”Bots is ‘Bots’.

‘Bots is ‘Bots is a set of short comics featuring Glad’Bot, Sad’Bot, Mad’Bot, and Chad’Bot. They’re ‘slices of life’ comics that aren’t really impacted by the main characters being robots. Their being robots, however, is a pretty fun quirk to throw into the mix.

It is a quick read. Not only is it a comic, but it’s a fairly uncomplicated one. I quite liked it just for that, though. Sometimes it’s really, really nice to have something that you don’t have to think about – that you can just enjoy.

What I really liked about this zine comes from my novelist side in terms of structure. The very first comic kind of stands out as not quite fitting. It jarred a tiny bit. In a structural way, I loved how Gregg brought is all back – full circle, you could say – with the final comic. I’m not sure how much that’ll make sense if you haven’t checked it out, so you should definitely check it out.


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