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Zine Review: ‘Bots Is ‘Bots 5

Bots Is Bots 5

‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Five

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Full colour! I always get excited about colour zines. What can I say? This is the first full colour comic zine I’ve ever read, so it’s extra cool. It’s interesting to see how the artist would colour their world.

I have to admit that I was ‘cruising’ with this one as far as the humour went, but then Gregg pulled out the meta (I think I’m using that word correctly) style joke, and it was great. A huge thumbs up for making me literally laugh out loud, and another hat tip for keeping it fresh.

Once again, ‘Bots Is ‘Bots keeps expanding – this time with an interview! Even better, it’s a short and sweet interview. I like interviews, but they’re no fun (to me) when they drag on forever. This one fit right into the format of this zine. Keep it coming.

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