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Zine Review: Black Hole Brains

Black Hole Brains

Title: Black Hole Brains
Author: Lady Dorian
Type: Single Sheet fold
Author Site(s): http://www.ladydorian.deviantart.com/

Review: I’m pretty sure I got this through a big zine trade. A strange combination of fun and absurd, I smile every time I open this little zine. Especially the giraffe picture. Very fun and creative.

This one kind of skirts my ‘thing’ about contact details being in the zine. She has her name – Lady Dorian – but nothing else in the zine. Plus, I received this with her card with her DeviantArt URL on it. But you can’t always count on a business card staying with the zine…

But it will with me. I love her little drawings and the strange things that pass through her mind. I hope to get my hands on her other Black Hole Brains creations.

STATUS: For Keeps

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