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Working (Zine-ing? Zining?) Away


I walked into my work room this morning and found this sketch on an A5 piece of paper. I couldn’t help but smile, feeling glad that the sketch I’d hovered over before I went to bed last night actually looked good in the light of day.

I’m not very skilled at drawing, so I always hesitate to draw anything. But I’m also not exactly rolling in money, so I can’t justify buying stock images. This set of scales is mental to be a visual joke to go along with one of the letters for Dear Anonymous 3.

(Side note: Biggest issue of DA ever.)

It’s nearly always a pleasant surprise to see what I’ve left on my desk from the night before. I feel like I’m almost two different people. Morning and most of daytime me is much better with doing more buisness-related stuff, data entry, etc. Nighttime me is much more creative. Night is when I sketch, draw, work on the ‘art’ that goes along with the letters. If I know that I’ll have time during the next day to work on something that I’ve been tinkering away with at night, I’ll even leave creative/design notes for myself to read in the morning.

I’m not exactly sure what that makes me (besides a workaholic), but I like it. It makes me feel like I’m in tune with some sort of natural rhythm.

PS. No mail this week!

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