Well, Hello There 2017


Well here we are, 2017! Crazy.


I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2016 and start to 2017 no matter what you ended up doing.


Wanderer and I haven’t gone out for a NYE since a few weeks before we ended up moving to Bendigo. It’s funny to think that on that night as we kissed at midnight and watched the fireworks, we were standing but a couple blocks away from the house we ended up renting.


As it was our last NYE in Bendigo (living here, anyway), we decided that it was worth going out (albeit early) for a couple drinks. We ended up being talked into a pizza (the things you do for free pints haha) as well. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad we did it – all with getting back at a decent hour (before too many people arrived and set off my anxiety) to watch the fireworks on the TV at midnight.


A new year usually begins with new goals and the best of intentions. Dreams and plans for what to do in our careers, for our health, so on and so forth. I’m no exception to that. All my planning has extended to getting into better health along with everything else. It’s not so much a matter of ‘because it’s the new year’ as the timing of my ‘last straw’ worked out well.

Zine-wise, I want to have clear, concise goals, but I don’t know much beyond wanting to get into making YouTube videos as well as getting organised enough to easily create more zines as well as review more than two per week.


Views very nearly quadrupled while visitors nearly tripled.

The difference in statistics between 2015 and 2016 is absolutely amazing. Of course I absolutely want to keep that momentum going and build on it to create a ‘hub’ of sorts for all kinds of zine things. I feel like I’m fumbling around pointing out the fun things I like (awesome job to have, to be sure), so to have a positive response is an awesome thing.

So while I may be lacking in specificity, I’m not lacking in energy or love when it comes to zines and this blog. Here’s to even more zine goodness in the new year.


Your Thoughts?

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