Thinking of a Redesign

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d keep up with with Don’t Call Me Cupcake. Making it brings me a lot of joy, and I’m pretty good at self-sabotage.

But then people like Fishspit, Billy da Bunny, Black Wolf, Robert from MoreVerbs, LogPoes and others told me how much they’re enjoying them/taking from them/identifying with them… My zine about me became not just about me in its making (as it should be with zines).

So now as I am settling into making them at least semi-regularly, I’m looking at the design and thinking… Do I need a change?

Don't Call Me Cupcake Trio

Don’t get me wrong; I like the current design. Even if I do have to handcut cupcakes. A lot of cupcakes. But I’m thinking that with such similar covers but for the recent addition of titles and the changes in number (Don’t Call Me Cupcake 1, Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2, etc), they’re very similar.

I was thinking of a series of sketches for the front that, when put together, actually make their own comic. Something simple but funny involving Zine Ninja and cupcakes.

Alas, I don’t have any artistic skills and commercial licenses for images are a bit beyond my wallet at the moment.

I am, of course, up for other ideas even if I am a little married to the sketches I have in my head.

Still, what do you think? Could the design do with a reboot?

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  • fishspit

    yeah . . . that revengestar . . . they might have eaten too much acid nyx . . . back in them hippy days.
    i like the cupcake . . . it’s a fine cupcake . . . with its candle.
    but if you want a change . . . i know of a chick that likes to draw for people. alex is so often sucking on his bong he’s about as reliable as a polecat. but he’ll draw you something if i take him down to the dope shop. i won’t let him out of the car until he draws something for you . . . just let me know what you want. but that gal also makes fine drawings . . . she’s very obliging . . . no scratch needed . . . off the cuff . . . for you . . . if i ask . . . ha ha . . . i know how to make her coo.
    i hope she don’t read this.

    • Nyx

      To each their own. 🙂

      I do like the cupcake, too. I’ll be in contact because maybe you could connect me and I could get a nice cupcake sketch from one of your people. That would make me feel a lot better in general. Plus, I’d love some fun sketches of zine ninja for here and there. I could send you some scratch if only so you can buy something nice for the favour.

      I’ll be in contact when my brain is willing to focus on this stuff. I’d love to have DCMC 5 have a new cupcake, as it’s going to be an extra special issue…

  • LogPoes

    I actually like the consistent design, it being a series and all, but I understand you wanting to do something else. I’m a bit out of brainstorm mojo at the moment, but I’ll keep thinking about it and see if something pops up. Would it maybe be an idea to get a stamp made (or make it yourself maybe?) of the zine ninja? Although that wouldn’t solve the issue of having to repeat a manual activity. Hmm. *does some more thinking*

    • Nyx

      I must admit that I like the consistent design, too, but I worry that they’ll be too easy to mistake for each other with such small subtitles. On top of that, having physically been in a distro, I think perhaps colour is an idea, as the shelves are primarily a world of black and white. (Expected for zines, of course.)

      An original stamp/cupcake image would be very, very helpful and ease my worries about using a stamp I bought from a craft shop. So perhaps all I really need is an original cupcake just for me (that I can get made into a stamp) and bigger subtitles…

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