The Best Intentions & Zine Reviews

Despite my best intentions, balance is not something I have yet achieved in my life. While I’m proud to be self-published, to have started a new small craft business, to be a student, and to be a ‘mum’ to sixteen beautiful little puppies, everything is taking quite a toll.

I love zines. I love making them and reading them. But my life hasn’t afforded me the time to pursue either. I am a firm believer in that you will never ‘find’ time; you must make it. So while it is completely up to me to carve out the time for zines.

I feel sadder just typing that.

However, my intentions remain the same, and at least there is that. I intend to make SeaGreenZines into much more than it is now. For the time being, that means that I will be taking reviews that I have posted here and will be posting them up on Sundays at It’s another one of my pet projects that I should have waited longer to start, but there it is.

If you’d ever like to be a guest there to show off your creative work (zines, books, music, short films, clothing line, paintings, etc) and/or would like an extra shout out for your work/crowdsourcing effort/etc, feel free to contact me.

Your Thoughts?

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