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    Mini-Zine Review: Curse On a Zinester

    Curse On a Zinester

    Continuing on with the theme of zines that made me laugh, today we have a most excellent zine.

    Curse on a Zinester is a mini-zine filled with horrible curses to wish upon your zinester enemies. Each page contains a single curse, though some curses have multiple parts, making an already bad possibility even worse…

    Not sure what I’m on about? Think cursing an author with “may you’re their, there, and they’re forever be used incorrectly”. They make me shudder in horror, but I can’t stop myself from giggling a little.

    I can’t possibly pick a favourite curse out of the bunch, but the one that really made me laugh on a ‘only zinesters get this’ sort of level was:

    May your first customer pay with a $50 note.

    I may have let out a little squeal of delight when I read the about page of ET’s blog and found out that they are the very same person who created Instructions for surviving the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: In rhyming couplets! I reviewed that zine four years ago – almost to the day.

    I’m not sure exactly what the word for it is (though there must be a word for it), but this zine brings out the same pleasure you get from identifying with those “Things only an ____ would understand” type articles. Even though you’re reading about situations you would never want to happen to you, you know that part of the reason you’re horrified is because you’re part of the group who understands.

    The best part? There is a space at the back to write down your own curse.

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    Zines! Glorious Zine (Reviews)!

    I was thinking about the other times I’ve mentioned other people’s zines that I have bought/received here, and it seemed to me like they were mini-reviews. Nothing flash, just a bit and bob and a link to buy.

    So I’m thinking I should keep up with that, eh?

    I went to Sticky Institute in Melbourne a little while ago, but I’m only just getting to talk about my gloooorious purchases. (Okay, it was hot, I was nervous, and I had somewhere to be – but it was still glorious!)

    I can’t seem to find all the zines I bought there on the Sticky, but I’ll put up whatever buy links I find.

    Conspiracy Corner #1

    Buy here!

    I bought this zine for my bloke in my effort to convert him to the zine side. We’re a bit ‘into’ conspiracies, so none of what was in the zine was new to us, but it is CC #1 and I imagine it would be a good introduction for people who aren’t as familiar. The few typos were a bit distracting just because my mind works like that, but I wouldn’t say that was a reason not to get it.

    I always find it amusing when I ‘just so happen’ to stumble across something that is so much bigger than I first thought it to be.

    This is a zine I got purely because it looked interesting and different. I say ‘got’ because, unknown to me, this is a free zine that had been appearing in Melbourne for years. Read the description on the sell page because it’ll do a better job, but this was a letter in a paper bag. The letter was beautiful and somehow strange. I’m glad I got it, though. I am thinking about saving for the anthology (also on the linked page).

    How to write a Mills & Boon-esque bodice ripper novel

    Buy it from Sticky! (scroll down)

    This zine wins the award for first zine to make me laugh out loud. This zine is a tongue-in-cheek guide to writing your bodice-ripper romance novel which, frankly, is a guide in writing the worst kind of romance possible. With quotes like “But make certain to never choose names that reek of boganess (‘Tayla’, for example). If you do you quash your chances of achieving an educated audience while undermining the aspirational delusions of bogan readers everywhere…”, you’re not going to get much better. Highly entertaining even on second and third reads.

    Instructions for surviving the zombie apocalypse: in rhyming couplets

    Buy it here! (scroll down)

    So simple yet so funny! I absolutely love this zine. The beauty comes in its simplicity and just goes to show that zines can be about anything. I just have to wonder how the creator ever thought of rhyming couplets for zombie survival instructions. Haha. Love it.

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