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    HELLO August!

    It’s August already. Wowza.

    I feel like I said something similar at the start of July, but the last four-ish weeks really take the cake for wooshing by.

    And it doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon. But before I get carried away…

    I hope everyone had a lovely International Zine Month 2017! What a rush! I think I actually made it every day this year. Even if some of those were sort of cop outs due to various circumstances. Still, I’m pretty happy with the way things went, even despite the personal stress times and the fact I didn’t quite get to making a 24 hour zine.

    The one-page mini sort of counts, right?

    A few people asked about the zinester trading cards where I showed off the one featuring my sassy snap. I will be getting in touch with the person who makes them (Billy da Bunny) to find out if they are still a happening thing or whether they could happen again should the interest be there.

    I think that’s all for IZM. Thank you for everyone who traded with me and everyone who jumped in for the giveaways. I wish I could have offered more, and I look forward to doing more things like that in the future.

    What’s this? You’ll have to come back on Monday to check out the Happy Mail Monday post to find out…

    Things will both settle down and not quite settle down here on SGZ this month. I definitely won’t be posting every day. That really took the wind out of me, plus, this move I keep babbling on about is coming up! There’s been a delay (of the yucky, legal, I don’t want to deal with it, why are big companies bullies kind) which means I’m 99% sure that I won’t be rocking into my forever home until September.

    Disappointing, yes, but I’m digging the extra time I have to sort everything out.

    Unfortunately, that does mean a delay in getting my new, shiny post box address. I’m going to put my current address in Don’t Call Me Cupcake 8 so I can get that going sooner rather than later. I’m still tossing up on whether to wait for the PO box to launch Paper Currency or to just launch and hope there’s some water in that pool to belly flop on.

    Thoughts and opinions welcome.

    While you’re waiting, if you want to get a sneak peek at the super amazingly awesome and spectacular cover for Paper Currency, my patrons on Patreon have already had a peek. *gasp!*

    (1. Yeah, I already feel a little weird tossing out my Patreon like that. It feels weird. 2. I really do love the cover of Paper Currency, but I hope my enthusiasm doesn’t now make you think it’s going to be as colourful or all over the place as a bucket of unicorn poo.)

    I’m a bit bouncy all over the place today at the moment, so I am going to leave things there and calm down a bit. It has been the most all over the place start to a month yet this year (and May started with my doc being convinced I had lupus – which I don’t have), so yeah. Back to the swing of things. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of news I’ve forgotten to tell you that I’ll be sharing soon!

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    I’m a Trading Card! Zinester Trading Cards Series 2

    Zinester Trading Cards

    Billy Da Bunny has done it again with his Zinester Trading Cards, Series 2 now on Etsy. What’s even more cool – I’m one of them!

    Talk about a bucket list thing that I didn’t think I’d be awesome enough to accomplish. I’m a trading card. Squee! The proof is on the Etsy listing. Click THIS LINK to check on the listing on Etsy, go to the third picture, and you will see that there is, indeed, a ‘Nyx’ card. Whee!

    Full color trading cards of zinesters from all over the world. Buy them, trade them, collect them! There are 32 different cards.

    Cards are printed on glossy cardstock paper, measuring 2.75″ X 4.25″. Front of the card shows the person or place, back of the card tells stats and contact information. Collect them all!

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