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    51 (More) Ideas for Your Next Zine

    So Many Zines

    Inspiration is a fickle thing. You never know where it’ll strike, but you also can’t wait around for it to do so if you want to get anything done. 51 Ideas for Your Next Zine was helpful to people, so I figured I’d help out with another list. Here are…

    51 (More) Ideas for Your First/Next Zine

    In no particular order…

    1. Say it without words (make a wordless zine)
    2. Your favourite recipe & the story behind it
    3. Take a day/week/etc off the internet & document your thoughts
    4. Your favourite conspiracy theory
    5. Your favourite mystery
    6. Three people (living or dead) come to dinner…
    7. Who are you in an alternate timeline? What if you’d made different choices?
    8. Dreams/nightmares
    9. Goals/aspirations
    10. What comes after capitalism/consumerism?
    11. Something you’ve always wanted to learn
    12. Books you want to write/comics you want to make/stories you want to tell
    13. Dream job that doesn’t exist
    14. Your very mild superpower
    15. Play tourist in your town
    16. Character profile (real or fictional)
    17. Guilty pleasures
    18. Bucket list (things to do before ___)
    19. What you’d do with $1 million (silly or serious)
    20. Write by hand (it activates different parts of the brain than typing does)
    21. Brainstorm your next project
    22. Create a survey and share the results
    23. Go through any childhood papers/art you have
    24. Do a life audit
    25. One thing you’ve learned for each year of life you’ve lived
    26. What inspires you
    27. Who inspires you
    28. Your own life hacks
    29. Make something with a friend
    30. Try blackout poetry
    31. The Tourist’s Guide to Your Life
    32. The Beginner’s Guide to ___
    33. Things you wish for (big and small)
    34. Things you wish people knew about you the moment they met you
    35. Your dream workspace/studio (bonus points for drawing it!)
    36. Write a manifesto
    37. How I Got Started ___
    38. People you would like to meet
    39. Try something “for kids” (they’re still fun activities)
    40. Something you couldn’t finish for whatever reason
    41. Create a puzzle (crossword, sudoku, etc) to include in your zine
    42. What makes you happy?
    43. Who/What has positively influenced you?
    44. Turn it into art (take that as you will)
    45. Explore ‘generators’ online – vampire name generatorShakespeare insult generator, etc
    46. Your ideal phone app
    47. Go ‘random article surfing‘ on Wikipedia
    48. Imagine a life story for a stranger
    49. Your muse
    50. What your pets get up to after you go to sleep…
    51. Check out my first 51 Ideas for Your Next Zine
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    51 Ideas for Your Next Zine

    So Many Zines

    I am someone who always has a list of ideas running, so I tend to forget that other people sometimes don’t know what they want to write about. As your resident zine enthusiast, I think it’s my duty to be as helpful as possible in your journey to making a zine. So here are…

    51 Ideas for Your First/Next Zine

    In no particular order…

    1. Your life! Yep, start a perzine
    2. Mental health/mental illness
    3. A physical condition/illness
    4. Politcal zine
    5. A holiday, road trip, etc
    6. Moving house/self/etc
    7. Your favourite animal, species, pet
    8. Zine reviews
    9. A zine about zines – the lovely ‘zine zine’
    10. Your spiritual and/or religious views
    11. A television show
    12. A movie, series of movies, or genre of movies
    13. A book, series of books, or genre of books
    14. Book reviews
    15. Poetry zine
    16. A sport, sports person, or team
    17. A fiction zine with a single story or a collection of stories
    18. Photography zine
    19. A game, series of games, specific games platform, genre of games
    20. A band, musician, or genre of music
    21. Comic! Illustrate your life, a fictional story, anything
    22. A colouring zine
    23. Sex, sexuality, views about sex-related topics
    24. Your heritage/background
    25. Your hobby
    26. Your collection
    27. A ‘how to’ guide
    28. A ‘how to’ guide for something that isn’t real/hasn’t occurred/been needed yet (like ‘how to actually taste a rainbow’)
    29. A social issue you feel strongly about
    30. Nature, gardening, or other outdoor-focus
    31. Interview someone, a group of people, or several people individually
    32. DIY zine
    33. Something silly
    34. A spotlight on your hometown
    35. Lists!
    36. A lifestyle choice you have made or want to make
    37. Mail
    38. 24-hour zine thing (whatever it is, make it in 24 hours or less)
    39. Art zine
    40. Split zine (you do one half/part and someone/other people do the other)
    41. Single topic, multiple perspectives
    42. Parenting/raising children
    43. Your craft
    44. A collection of recipes
    45. Experiments in cooking
    46. Relationships
    47. Current events
    48. A zine centred around a specific event
    49. Fashion
    50. Secrets
    51. Randomness all shoved into one zine

    Want more ideas? Check out 51 (More) Ideas for Your Next Zine

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