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    Zine Review: Plaid Skirts & Converse #1

    Plaid Skirts and Converse 1 Zine

    Plaid Skirts & Converse #1

    As I’m just diving into writing my fourth novel, I decided that a perzine about NaNoWriMo was a great way to bring in July.

    In Plaid Skirts & Converse #1, Quinn takes us through her one-month journey of writing 50,000 words. It’s a combination of a writing diary, a scrapbook, novel notebook and excerpts. However, this zine isn’t all text…

    I quite like how she was able to create actual pictures of her characters. (I’m not sure what program she used.) I think it’s nice to have visuals in the mix. There were some other pictures as well as some interesting ‘word art’ made out of the words that she used the most in her novel. (I tried to make one, but I couldn’t get Wordle to work.)

    The ‘diary’ entries had me hooked right in, especially as tragedy struck on day one and words were lost. Oh, I cringed. Been there, lost words in similar ways… I almost want to keep a diary while I’m working.

    I’m glad that she put an excerpt from her novel in the mix. I think I would have felt like something was missing had that not been a part of it.

    On another note, though, this zine is an example of why, if you’re going to use your handwriting in your zine, you need to be confident that your handwriting is clear. I could read her writing for the most part, but I did have some trouble with it. On one hand, it’s totally appropriate and plays into the NaNoWriMo focus to have handwritten notes in there. But, again, it’s kind of riding that edge of readability in some spots.

    As an author, it was great to get a glimpse into the mind of someone else writing a novel. By that, I think you’ll know whether you want to pick up this zine or not.

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Zine Mail!

    I know I’m usually one for posting only one post a day, and Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are for reviews of zines and calls for submissions. But do I really want to wait until Monday to post all of my awesome happy mail?


    Live Dangerously

    How could I wait when I’ve had such lovely arrivals at my post box recently?

    Do It Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad

    I needed to make an Amazon order anyway, so I ordered this on top of everything. But if you want to go right to the source (you should if you can!), then you can find this here at Pioneer Press.

    Hello My Name Is

    MissMuffcake put this glorious zine together, and this is my contributor copy! I haven’t contributed to a zine in ages, and I felt very special to be a part of this zine on mental illness.

    Philip Dearest Mail

    Philip Dearest sent me this lovely little zine pack after we sorted out a bit of an Etsy kerfuffle. But the whole thing just goes to show that if you keep your head when something goes wrong, you might just get a better outcome than the original.

    Plaid Skirts and Converse Mail

    Quinn and I sorted out a trade, and I’m so excited these made it safe and sound from the States. I love it. You can check out Quinn’s work at Touch the Puppet Head.

    Happy mailing!

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