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    I Need to Make a Mini-Zine

    Did you know that Dear Anonymous started out as a mini-zine?

    DA Cover

    That idea lasted all of five minutes after I received the first letter, but it was fun to make.

    It occurs to me that I would like to make a mini-zine. I’m a fluffy heart fangirl of the A5 sized zine, but there is something endearing and awesome about the smaller zines floating around. Plus, I’ve only ever made one, and that was waaaay back.

    Purple Moose and Guinness

    Back when Purple Moose (RIP) was part of the magical zine team known as Sea Green Zines.

    A while back, I believe it was Wolfram (of Queer Content fame) mentioned in a group discussion that a zinemaker should have at least one free zine that can be included in mail packs, handed out to strangers, traded for candy, etc. The idea stuck in my head like gum on my shoe, but that’s a poor metaphor because I don’t want to get rid of the idea.

    I want to act on it.

    I’ve mentioned before that Australian postal costs stink – especially internationally. So that’s definitely a hindrance in sending out a mini-zine as an additional freebie. But if someone orders more than one zine, I suddenly have a lot of grams (of weight) that I can fill up without the postage going up.

    The weird thing is that I feel a little out of my depth for a mini-zine. I have heaps of ideas for the larger sized ones, but man… A mini-zine? More thinking needed.

    What do you think? Do you have mini-zines? Do you like them? Would you want one?

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