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    Zine Review: B-Movie Bandits: A Fanzine

    B-Movie Bandits: A Fanzine
    Sober Bob

    B-Movie Bandits is an A5 black and white zine with a full colour cover about B movies, their ‘heroes’, and their influence on racist and sexist attitudes.

    In her usual fashion, Sober Bob gets right into the content of the matter with an intro about how this zine came to be and the realisation of just how much movies filled with racism, sexism, and more ‘informed’ people at the time about how to ‘solve’ their problems.

    With breakdowns of her “favourite over the top b movie actors (that redlettermedia introduced me to)”, Sober Bob breaks down Charles Bronson, Deathstalker, and Chuck Norris. Much in the same way, she explores the topics of racism and sexism as well, striking what I found to be an excellent balance of humour as well as treating the topics with due respect.

    I have to mention the cover of this zine – made in part from a VHS tape box. The printing over the cover fits perfectly because it has that almost waxy feel and shine of an actual VHS movie box. It’s a little thing that really adds to the enjoyment for me.

    I do have to add a little tsk tsk for Sober Bob not including contact details… but I can never be too hard on that because – unless it’s directly stated – you can’t know what’s intentional and what’s not.

    My only complaint about this zine is that it ended too early. Haha. I know, but I’m serious. I want so much more of everything this zine offers: Bob’s thoughts on the racism, sexism, and power fantasies running rampant in these movies along with a large helping of her sarcastic sense of humour the points out the ridiculous while not taking away from the importance of the topics being discussed.

    (“Charles is saaaaaaad” will forever pop into my head from now on.)

    Even better, this zine examines the troubling things about these movies without demonising the lot. They existed, they happened, and we can laugh at them now while pointing out how seriously screwed up they are.

    Even if you’re not into B movies or cheaply made action movies, I still recommend checking this out. I like things that examine what is so easily taken for granted or not really thought about – and this zine does that.

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    The Zine Collector Video/Podcast Episode 005: Zine Pricing, Risographs, & Zine Culture: An Interview with Sober Bob Monthly

    Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends. I hope the mid of the week is treating you well, and that good things have been coming your way.

    Today, I am very happy to share the next episode of The Zine Collector: an interview with Sober Bob Monthly!

    This is definitely going to be a rare occurrence for a number of different reasons, but I am so happy Sober Bob and I were able to work together to create this chat about so many zine things.


    **This episode contains some adult language.**

    In this episode of The Zine Collector, I chat with Sober Bob Monthly about zine pricing, risographing, zine culture, zine fairs, and so much more.

    Please forgive some of the hiccups and technical difficulties.


    Links Mentioned This Episode:

    *Sober Bob Monthly: https://www.instagram.com/soberbobmonthly/

    Etsy shop coming soon!

    Other Links:

    *Visible Ink/Copy & Destroy Zine Library: http://visibleink.org
    *Woolf Pack: https://www.facebook.com/woolfpackbrisbane/
    *Concrete Queers: https://concretequeers.com
    *Bodie/SlowQuest: http://www.slowquest.com
    *(Queer/Non-binary experiences and games zine) Times and Troubles by Sav Ferguson: https://twitter.com/timesntroubles
    *Obscene – Horror Zines
    *Philip Dearest: https://www.instagram.com/philipdearest
    *Don Burke is a C*nt Zine
    *Sticky Institute/Festival of the Photocopier: https://www.facebook.com/stickytheinstitute/
    *Elevator Teeth: http://elevatorteeth.com
    *Glom Press: http://glompress.storenvy.com
    *Ashley Ronning/Hello Press: https://ashleyronning.com
    *Animal Bro/Your Mum’s Realm of the Senses: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/AnimalBro
    *Francis Cannon: https://www.instagram.com/frances_cannon
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  • Announcements

    Special Announcement: 4ZZZ Interview with Zinemaker Sober Bob Monthly on Later Today!

    I’m representing Sober Bob by one of my favourite zines by Sober Bob. 🙂

    Amazing artist and zinemaker Sober Bob Monthly will be on 4ZZZ chatting about zines and all sorts of goodness – and you can listen in!

    Go to http://www.4zzz.org.au, hover your mouse at the top of the page, and click ‘stream 102.1FM’ to listen! The show is on *now* but the chat will start in a bit over two hours from when I am posting this.

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail Monday – New Post Box Edition

    Hello, wonderful zine friends! I hope the start to your week is or will be as peaceful as mine was (despite the early wake up from the dogs). Internet issues rage on, and it’s always so frustrating to see things not happen simply for lack of money, but this is life. I can get online, and I have wonderful mail to share.

    Happiness abounds. 🙂

    Postcards! These two lovelies were sent via SendSomething. (I highly recommend checking it out. It’s not exciting for the eyes, but it’s like a catalogue of thousands of people to send mail to!) The black and white one is actually a postcard for colouring (woo!), and the other simply arrived with quotes from Broadway musicals. Mysterious and fun.

    If the people from Send Something happen to check out this blog, thank you for the fun postcards.

    Zippity Zinedra is well and truly in the running for colourful mail art. Check out all those stickers! And the tape is fabulous. Xyendra sent the very last bit of mail to squeeze in at 786 before the mail redirection went through, and what a lovely whopper of a stuffed envelope!

    The envie was like a zinester care package. A sticker, magnets (I don’t think I’ve seen zine-related magnets before), a Toronto Zine Library pin (my collection grows!), two zines I had to keep telling myself that I would read after the unpacking (hehe)… There was also this fun little pack of bandages…

    Aren’t they utterly adorable? I’m so in love! They are so, so, so cute, and even the wrapper is cute as well!

    What a lovely package of zine goodness that continues to make me smile whenever I think about it. Thank you so much, Xyendra!

    True Zine Marin has sent me a wonderful little pack of mini-zines, stickers and other goodness. Looking at the picture, I’m just realising how much of the envelope I covered up. Sorry about that! I love the envelopes TZM sends things in. The Stolen Sharpie Revolution sticker has a special place in my heart, and I wish I had 100 of them to send all over the place. That little book is so good! I highly recommend it.

    Tangent over, True Zine Marin has been kind enough to send me some duplicates from their zine collection, and I appreciate that so much. Thank you for the lovely ray of mail sunshine!

    Bloomurder sent me a copy of her Twin Peaks fanzine! Oh my gosh. What an awesome housewarming present. (Yep, that’s what I’m calling it. Hehehe.) I was so disappointed to have missed the launch (they had doughnuts <3 ) at Sticky. I even asked about the printer for the zine because it looked gorgeous. Lo and behold, I have one to admire in my very own hands! I have special plans for it to…

    Thank you so much, Bloomurder!

    Sober Bob snuck in with a wonderful gift in my new post box – the next up (I am assuming – not 100% on order) in the Terrible Comics. Hehe. (You may recall my review of Cashed Up Bogans.) This title makes me laugh out loud because of the ‘yeah, but no’, ‘no, but yeah’, etc Australian language quirk.

    Have no idea what I’m talking about? That’s okay. Just know the grins are large, and the sarcasm runs rampant. Many thanks to Sober Bob for generously sending me more Terrible Comics.

    PS. Sober Bob has a sale on pins right now if you want to check them out


    What a beautiful mail week. Thank you again to everyone who has sent me mail – especially in recent times. This move has been much more soul-eating for a number of reasons that I have yet to digest, and I spent more than a few sessions simply sitting in my chair and going through the lovely things people have sent. I’m not sure what image I cast here, but I do have my very dark moments, and the generosity and kindness of people has helped me through a lot.

    Here’s wishing you all the absolute best for the day and the week ahead. Until next time…

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    Zine Review: Johnny V and Sober Bob and the Hunt for Gender Affirming State Mandated Identification

    Johnny V and Sober Bob and the Hunt for Gender Affirming State Mandated Identification
    Johnny V and Sober Bob

    Dedicated to all those fighting to have their genuine and beautiful genders affirmed by the institutions that demand documentation but refuse to provide any.

    Johnny V and Sober Bob and the Hunt for Gender Affirming State Mandated Identification is a small zine addressing big problems. Trying to get official government level paperwork sorted is difficult even when it’s ‘easy’, so to be facing discrimination on top of that turns it into an entirely different monster.

    Johnny V’s efforts to obtain proper identification made for a quick read but an upsetting one. It’s sad to know that getting something like this sorted is more a matter of getting the right person rather than being able to solidly reply on systems that are meant to be there and work for the people.

    I was so swept up in Johnny and Bob’s story that I doubly appreciated one of the notes at the end of the zine. Sober Bob made a zine not only to document personal experiences but also to think about what it must be like for people trying to do the same thing but with fewer resources.

    This zine may feel like a quick read, but it touches on a lot of issues as well as can be a great read to help people feel less alone in their struggles with government bodies.

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail – Dreaming of Mail Edition

    After my change in perspective, I let go of what I ‘should’ be doing and went with whatever my body wanted to do. Apparently that consisted of sleep. A LOT of sleep. I feel so much better for it, though – especially because I had wonderfully boring but pleasant, drawn out dreams all about receiving mail.

    Yep. Mail dreams. Hahaha.

    My dreams did come true, however, in that I had some lovely mail come my way!

    My Send Something penpal comes up with simple but creative letters. This one is written on lovely thick cream paper, and I love the antique look of the washi tape.

    The Screever Zine (blog) got in touch on Instgram, and I could hardly wait to see their zines. The bigger zine – Ground – is actually tied together with a thin rope. Very cool. And it comes with a loyalty card so you can collect letters from issues of the Ground series and sned a completed card back for a free treat. Very fun.

    Happy mail from Sober Bob! I didn’t realise how cool it was to watch a zine being made through photos and video on things like Instagram and then be able to hold that thing in your hands. It’s always good to see a Sober Bob envelope of happy in my post box.

    That’s me for today. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made my post box and my life a happier place. I hope you all have a smooth, calm start to your week.

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: Sober Bob Supplementary


    Sober Bob Supplementary
    Sober Bob

    I must admit that this zine review is partly fuelled by my enjoyment from watching @soberbobmonthly ‘Your Story’ videos on Instagram… That and my immense love for garlic dill pickles.

    Sober Bob Supplementary is a single-page, quarter folded zine about the places we live in, restoration, and the backward “logic” of local councils. It’s about work, people, unemployment, and it always being okay to make zines. All on one double-sided page.

    (As someone who lives in a place that cares more about historical renovation rules rather than actual historic buildings, those parts resonated a lot with me.)

    My favourite part in this is this quote:

    …it’s a worthless to a job but not worthless to me…

    That really sums up a lot of passion pursuits, doesn’t it? It sums up so much of what’s wrong with society and what’s right with individuals. It reminded me that my art only needs to be important to one person.

    I feel like I’m really getting back to basics when it comes to my love for zines, and this zine is a good example of that. It’s one piece of paper folded twice, and I feel like Sober Bob uses that in the best way. There’s the 1/4 front and back covers, a half page, and then the inside, which is the unfolded full page.

    You might not be impressed with a single folded piece of paper, but I appreciate the variety in page size as well as direction. For me, it touches the fun creativity of zines in tense times – even within the zine community.

    This is another one of those zines that I wish my friends would make. Random or not so random thoughts paired with whatever their art looks like. Whatever makes them happy – because that makes me happy.

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: Shark Self Help


    Shark Self Help
    Sober Bob Monthly

    This zine is brought to you by my bedroom – the only place to go when it’s too humid to exist outside.

    I’ve been told that a pun is not a ‘good’ pun unless it’s so bad that you scrunch your nose and groan as if someone in the room has farted.

    Well done, Shark Self Help.

    Alas, I get ahead of myself. Shark Self Help is a super fun, colour mini-zine helping to inspire you to be your best sharky self. Full of pictures as well as words of wisdom, you really can’t go wrong for a smile when reading this little gem.

    Now, I’m not 100% sure because my brain is partially melted from the heat, but I do believe this little beauty is printed and then coloured by hand. If I’m right, that means each zine is unique, even if only in the smallest of ways. If I’m wrong, it’s still great colouring, and I love it.

    The advice itself isn’t too punny, using its pun powers for good rather than evil. Even though it is quite funny and cute, it’s still life advice that we should all be so lucky to be reminded of every now and again.