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    Mini Zine Review: SlowQuest II: Meet the Wizard

    SlowQuest II: Meet the Wizard

    SlowQuest II: Meet the Wizard is a 9.5×8.5cm fantasy choose your own adventure comic zine(!).

    This is one of those times when no one will have sympathy for me, but I will still say it’s so hard to stick to my reviewing system. I was so excited to read this zine, but I had to wait because I’m a ‘responsible adult’ and ‘shouldn’t immediately drop everything I’m doing to read a zine’. Sigh.

    SlowQuest I is a beloved zine in my collection, so I was incredibly excited to see not only that there is a second one but that it has more pages (more choices!) as well.

    As I mentioned, SlowQuest II is a choose your own adventure zine, which means that there are many possible outcomes to the choices you make in this fantasy realm. You have received an invitation to work for the wizard, but actually getting to the wizard isn’t as simple as it sounds.

    I was proud as punch that I didn’t die on my first combination of choices, as that’s definitely a possibility in this zine. Of course, there are so many possible paths – drink potions, get lost, punch a bear – that I happily spent time going through every possible combination of steps.

    As I have no doubt mentioned a number of times at this point, Bodie’s art style is fantastic. He creates art with such intricate detail, and it really shows through in this zine with two-page spreads of certain settings that I greatly enjoyed looking at up close.

    Bodie’s attention to detail carries into the zine itself as well with rounded corners, trimmed edges, and borderless illustrations on cream-coloured paper.

    I certainly don’t want to give anything away, but I found the ending of this zine quite curious and hope it means more SlowQuest adventures in the future.

    I imagine at this point you know what I’m going to write… Grab a copy!

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    Mini Zine Review: Some Wizards Volume I

    Some Wizards Volume I

    Some Wizards is a mini-zine slightly smaller than A7 zine about, well, some wizards. Haha.

    I’m always happy to check out Bodie’s work. Some Wizards is yet another great addition to a collection of fantasy comic zines that I absolutely adore looking through again and again.

    Some wizards takes you through an assortment of fun wizard characters – each one complete with name, sketch, description, and even a single question and answer at the end. (Most if not all of which are very funny. Bodie has a subtle but great sense of humour.)

    I also want to point out that Bodie has male and female (and non-gendered) wizard, so kudos to enjoying but not being limited to old men with long beards.

    From the bubbles in the jars of potions to the curled toes of Wizard Onionbeard’s boots, Bodie’s detailed artwork shines again. No one should be surprised to find me with this zine as well as others held close to my face as I take in the little touches.

    I feel like Bodie is constructing his own fantasy universe with every zine he makes, and I don’t want to miss out on any of them.

    Definitely check it out. In fact, check out everything Bodie makes.

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    Happy Mail: Nearly Forgotten Title Edition

    Hello and happy Monday, zine friends!

    I hope the start to your week has been good and has you feeling ready to take on the rest of the week. To be honest, mine hasn’t been all the spectacular, but Wanderer’s birthday is tomorrow, and there’s a lot to look forward to for celebrating his day.

    And, of course, the day is bright when my post box is full of zines and goodies!

    Lady Orchidia got in contact a recently to talk zines and about sending her zine The Fragments Zine all the way here to the land of Oz. I know the postage to Australia can be rough and really appreciate how much bigger that can make the decision to send a zine for review.

    But I do so love a perzine, so I think we’re already off to a great start. I also love when zines sent to me for review arrive with a note. ^_^

    Thank you very much to Lady Orchida for Fragments 5 – and the feedback on Don’t Call Me Cupcake 5!

    Fishspit mail! I always know when it’s happy mail from Fishspit because his envelope collages are always spectacular. I mean, look at this:

    That’s just the front of it. I love it.

    Fishspit always sends interesting bits and bobs along as well, and I’m looking forward to reading the selection of zines he’s sent along.

    Big hugs and big thanks, Fishspit!

    Slowquest pack! I know I talk about a lot of things I adore, but I do especially adore the acts of generosity and trade that happen in the zine community. Bodie really went above and beyond in trading this cool padded envelope of awesomeness.

    Even the address label is cool!

    Piiiins! Awesome pins! This dungeon pin and…

    …this wizard pin (both for sale in his shop, by the way) are happily pinned in with the rest of my pin collection. So cool!

    Lillian Cuda! I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’m fairly sure this is the first Lillian Cuda zine I have now. Firsts! This lovely was sent my way from a friend who had a looksee at my zine wishlist.

    Thank you to my friend, Carol, and to Lillian for the little extras!

    That’s it for me today, zine friends. As always, there’s plenty to do but not enough time to do it. I may be back tomorrow, though I’m not sure with what at this point. Haha. Feel free to make suggestions.

    I will definitely be back Wednesday because I’ll have a podcast to share with you…

    Until then!

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    200th Zine Review Celebration Awards: I Read a Zine, And I Liked It

    Wonderful, beloved zine friends. I’m so happy to be creating this post.

    It’s that time again – a time that probably isn’t familiar to a lot of you. When I reached my 100th review in May 2016, I felt inspired by the Golden Stapler Awards and celebrated by awarding zines with titles like ‘best binding’ and ‘funniest zine’.

    (100th Zine Review Celebration Awards: All You Need is Zine Love)

    I hit my 200th zine reviewed a few months ago, but with everything that was going on, I wasn’t able to get to things until now. I still wasn’t sure whether I would do this, but I do love sharing my zine enthusiasm and celebrating fun and cool zines.

    Things to remember:

    1. My apologies for any less than stellar photos.
    2. This is only meant to be a bit of fun.
    3. Zines often fit into more than one category. How they were sorted is all on me.
    4. Keep in mind these are limited to the second lot of 100 zines I’ve reviewed – roughly from May 2016 to July 2017. You can find the whole list: Zine Review Index
    5. Picking out the ‘best’ stinks. I love them all!

    Let’s do this.

    (I’m putting everything after a more tag because there are a lot of images.)

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail: The Little Things Edition

    Hello, zine friends, and welcome to the start of the week. I hope your week is off to a smooth start and that the silly season isn’t wearing on your nerves.

    The Great Mail Slowdown at this time of year hasn’t actually been too bad – knock on wood – and I have some gorgeous goodies from my post box to share with you today.

    The very first up is some zine goodness from sunny Queensland. Keira (ala Small Potatoes) was kind enough to take a peek at my wishlist and grant a couple of my wishes. Seriously, the generosity of people never ceases to warm my heart.

    Just to make a special point, let’s zoom in on that card, shall we?

    OMGSOCUTEASDFKJWIOsalkdjf… Ahem. Cuteness meltdown. I laughed so hard when I saw this card that Wanderer actually came into my office to see what was happening. Then I showed him the card, and he laughed, too. It is hard to make him genuinely laugh out loud, so thank you, thank you, thank you, Keira. This card is staying on the desk.

    My first Christmas card! Emma of Puddleside Musings makes the prettiest cards, and it’s always a pleasure to see something from her arrive in the post box. I adore the watercolour look of the blue paper. Sneaky pressies are always a joy, too…

    A new, delicious smelling tea to try and washi tape. What a lovely holiday surprise. Thank you so much, Emma!

    Talk about surprise mail! Last week, I heard from someone I hadn’t heard from in ages, and this week a postcard from Dystatic comes in the mail! Fantastic. I haven’t heard from Dystatic in ages.

    The photo doesn’t really do the postcard justice, as it’s handmade (as is Dystatic’s way) and is in layers. I’m so curious about how she made it. Fun, fun. Thank you so much to Dystatic for saying hello!

    Surprise zines are some of the best kind of surprises, yes? Amber sent the first issue of Fully Sick, Chronically Sad as well as a mindfulness mini-zine! There’s even a sticker, which is the same sticker used to close the envelope.

    I love zine surprises, and by first blush sneaky peeks, they’re both zines that I am going to enjoy. Thank you so much Amber, for the surprise happy mail.

    PS. I was just looking around – as I do – and found out that Amber is the creator of Murder, She Zined(!) which launched just recently! Check it out.

    This one has a little story, so settle in for a smidge. My friend Bodie (ala Slowquest) was doing a Twitch stream and mentioned Adelaide zinester George Rex because I’m now in South Australia. Well, I looked at George’s instagram and saw the note about George closing their store for a month or so.

    Seeing as I missed out on George’s Kickstarter earlier in the year, I decided to get in while I could and grabbed a couple zines. I am excited about all of it, but I especially love ADL -> MEL because Rebecca Sheedy made one too that I reviewed earlier this year!

    So much goodness. So many extra. So much happy. Hahaha. Love it.

    Even the envelope is super cute. ^_^

    I need return address labels that are that cute in my life. Love, love, love.

    Thank you to George Rex for sending out everything so quickly. I really adore every bit of it.

    That’s it for me today, friends. I hope you loved checking out what came through my post box this week and the glorious link-laden thing that is this post.

    Be sure to come back tomorrow for a quick run down of what I have planned for the blog over the holidays and then on Wednesday for a bit of a surprise…

    Until then.

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    Zine Review: SlowQuest – A Choose Your Own Adventure Zine – Quest I: The Goblin Guard


    SlowQuest – A Choose Your Own Adventure Zine – Quest I: The Goblin Guard

    Sometimes you see a zine, and you instantly know that you want to get a copy. This is one of those zines.

    SlowQuest is a choose your own adventure zine taking you on an adventure for glory and riches! Standing in your way? A goblin guard…

    I love this zine so much. On the aesthetic side, it’s superb. It’s well made, the art is incredibly detailed and invites you to inspect it closely, the cream-coloured interior paper suits very well, everything is so nicely put together, and even the corners are rounded. The whole thing is not only fun but speaks to a dedication to making even the tactile experience of the zine a good one.

    I have talked a little bit about zine re-readability in reviews, but this is re-readability of a different sort. After I found out that my ‘natural instinct’ adventurer days would be about as monetarily rewarding as my actual life (hahaha), I immediately went back to trying all the different possibilities. The size of the zine is deceptive in that there were even more options than I expected there to be.

    I felt like a kid again, and it was awesome.

    Also, two thumbs way up for clear contact details:


    This is one of those zines that I’m probably going to have to get another copy to loan out because I don’t want anyone messing with my copy.

    PS. Shout out to Zine-O-Matic for having such good taste in zines and for granting a wish on my zine wishlist. 🙂

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