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    200th Zine Review Celebration Awards: I Read a Zine, And I Liked It

    Wonderful, beloved zine friends. I’m so happy to be creating this post.

    It’s that time again – a time that probably isn’t familiar to a lot of you. When I reached my 100th review in May 2016, I felt inspired by the Golden Stapler Awards and celebrated by awarding zines with titles like ‘best binding’ and ‘funniest zine’.

    (100th Zine Review Celebration Awards: All You Need is Zine Love)

    I hit my 200th zine reviewed a few months ago, but with everything that was going on, I wasn’t able to get to things until now. I still wasn’t sure whether I would do this, but I do love sharing my zine enthusiasm and celebrating fun and cool zines.

    Things to remember:

    1. My apologies for any less than stellar photos.
    2. This is only meant to be a bit of fun.
    3. Zines often fit into more than one category. How they were sorted is all on me.
    4. Keep in mind these are limited to the second lot of 100 zines I’ve reviewed – roughly from May 2016 to July 2017. You can find the whole list: Zine Review Index
    5. Picking out the β€˜best’ stinks. I love them all!

    Let’s do this.

    (I’m putting everything after a more tag because there are a lot of images.)

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    Zine Review: Shark Self Help


    Shark Self Help
    Sober Bob Monthly

    This zine is brought to you by my bedroom – the only place to go when it’s too humid to exist outside.

    I’ve been told that a pun is not a ‘good’ pun unless it’s so bad that you scrunch your nose and groan as if someone in the room has farted.

    Well done, Shark Self Help.

    Alas, I get ahead of myself. Shark Self Help is a super fun, colour mini-zine helping to inspire you to be your best sharky self. Full of pictures as well as words of wisdom, you really can’t go wrong for a smile when reading this little gem.

    Now, I’m not 100% sure because my brain is partially melted from the heat, but I do believe this little beauty is printed and then coloured by hand. If I’m right, that means each zine is unique, even if only in the smallest of ways. If I’m wrong, it’s still great colouring, and I love it.

    The advice itself isn’t too punny, using its pun powers for good rather than evil. Even though it is quite funny and cute, it’s still life advice that we should all be so lucky to be reminded of every now and again.

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