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    Happy Mail Monday – Hello December Edition


    Hello, and happy Monday, zine friends!

    This especially chipper hello comes to you courtesy of the proper internet connection I finally have in my home. No more living by expensive mobile data for me! Phew. Happy, happy day.

    And an especially happy day thanks to wonderful mail!

    Hats off to Sober Bob big time. It is no small feat, and yet she keeps on rocking week in and week out. I absolutely love it and am thrilled to be on the $50 Minimum mailing list.

    Yes, I really do love ‘slice of life’ zines. Little (or sometimes big) free zines that give us another chance to connect – as friends, strangers… Whatever it happens to be. <3

    This out of the blue postcard came all the way from Las Vegas! Allysha Webber was so kind to think of me during their travels here and there. A little surprise to make the start of the week that much brighter. πŸ™‚

    Woo! This arrived so quickly. I’m very impressed (and not so sad faced about postage costs – haha). I have had this on my wishlist since I first saw Alex Wrekk post about it on their Instagram. You see, witchcraft is one of a few things I want to learn more about, and this zine popped up as a perfect place to start. The financial stars aligned, and here we are. I’m very excited to start reading it.

    Thank you for the lovely mail, making my little bubble in the world a little brighter. Thank you to everyone who reads and shares in my love for happy mail.

    That’s me for today. I’m not really sure what’s up next. I’m a little exhausted after ZineWriMo and have a lot of catching up to do now with the proper internet connection.

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    International Zine Month 2017 Day 9: Hello, Hello

    Write a letter to a zine maker that you don’t know

    Another International Zine Month day, and another International Zine Month activity!

    I’m going to tweak today’s activity a little bit because, well, I have a koala postcard!

    So cute.

    The temptation is to write someone I do know, but that’s not the prompt! So I’m taking the chance that the address Maxx of Reverse Cougar Years listed in her zine is still her current address.

    If it’s not, someone else can have a nice surprise. ^_^

    Other Zinesters Joining In (Let me know if you are, and I’ll add you to the list!):


    Play along with 31 Days of International Zine Month Activities here!

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    Happy Mail Monday – Variety Edition!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to send out even more mail so I can have more weeks like this. Hehe. ^_^

    A letter from Chris arrived early last week and was such a nice surprise. We’ve been exchanging zines, so I assumed that he’d send whenever he had a zine to send. Lo and behold, he sent a letter to keep in touch between projects.

    Sober Booooooooob! I was not expecting this zine at all (special surprise mail booty dance), and it took a lot of will power to not drop everything I was doing at the time to sit down and read this one. I mean, that title! As someone who enjoys Sober Bob’s Instagram videos, I am completely certain I’m going to enjoy this zine just as much.

    More Sober Bob mail! I have a little conspiracy theory when it comes to sending mail between Queensland and Victoria, so I wasn’t expecting these for a while. Yet here they are!

    Anyway, Sober Bob makes stickers (and pins! – I have a magpie to commemorate my first ever concussion (caused by a magpie)) and, well, I do really love stickers… Hehe. Anyway, get in contact with Sober Bob on Facebook to have a peek and get your own pack. Free postage in Australia!

    Last but certainly not least is a lovely thank you postcard. I’m thinking I need to make or get some postcards because it’s such a nice little thing to receive in the mail, and I always have plenty of people to thank for their awesomeness.

    Especially all the wonderful people who send me mail! Many, many thanks as always.

    See you tomorrow with more zine-y goodness.

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    Happy Mail! The Comic Edition

    Suuuuch a beautiful happy mail day. I love spring. My favourite season in the States was always autumn, but spring in Oz has completely won me over. It’s love.

    Anyway. Sneaky, sneaky timing from my post box with goodies arriving this morning in time to sneak into this week’s happy mail. If this keeps up, I’ll have to start making happy mail videos. <3


    First off, a cheeky postcard from my friend Dodgy, who is still on holiday. I tried to give him some money a few weeks ago before he left so he could pick up some postcards and trinkets for me. He laughed and refused. By the look of this postcard, I’m not going to live the whole ‘check the exchange rate’ thing anytime soon…


    Woo! I have been enjoying Olivia’s Tumblr and Instagram for a while now and have been saving up to grab a few zines from her shop.

    A huge thank you to Olivia for the option of sending overseas. It always takes me a while to save up, but I have a list of zinesters I want to buy things from. I was all ready to go (pre-Asimov emergency procedure) and was disappointed to find a few zinesters I had listed didn’t actually have the option of sending to Australia.

    Don’t get me wrong – I know there are reasons. But definitely don’t assume that no one overseas will ever buy from you. (And no worries, I know I can contact the shop owners and ask.)


    My first enamel piiiiiin! And zines! So awesome. If you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen the little birdie on the pin. It’s a magpie to commemorate my first (and, crossing fingers, only) concussion. (Yeah, a bird gave me a concussion. Love Australia!) SoberBob was awesomely generous and sent along a couple zines as well for my enjoyment. Love!


    Zine Ninja and I are in a comic! Squeeeee!

    Okay, this one takes a little explaining (and a few links). ComicProv is the brainbaby of Lady Beaver and Steve Waldinger. When you rock up, Lady Beaver draws a one-page comic based on you and the things you love (pizza, comics, zines, unicorns, rainbows, whatever you like). The thing is that she leaves the speech bubbles empty and then passes the comic over to Steve.

    Neither has a clue about what the other has in mind! How funny and awesome is that?

    They often do their comicprov thing at zine fests and whatnot, but you don’t have to be at an event in person to get a comic. (Hi, I’m in Australia, if you hadn’t picked that up before.) All you need is a photo of you and a couple of favourite things you’d like listed. (I’m still pretty gobsmacked how they managed to work in not only the things I listed that I love but also a couple things I joked about.

    Depending on when you read this post and if you’re reading it on the blog, you might just see my selfie taken with the comic.

    Definitely get in contact if you’re interested. At $10 (at the time I’m posting this) for a one-page comic featuring YOU, it’s definitely a steal. (Plus shipping if you can’t see them in person.)

    Also in with the happy mail were a few of Steve’s web comics. Hahaha. I think I may have found someone who is just as punny as Wanderer…

    Happy mail, everyone! May your week be beautiful and your post box full of fun mail.

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    Happy Mail!

    It’s all about completely unexpected mail this week!


    I wouldn’t call myself a big Simpsons fan (I was never able to catch it much on TV), but I love this postcard. I love the colours, the artistic quality to it, and I love that Chris from New Jersey sent it just to say thanks for the zines I sent to him. So nice!


    It got a little beat up on the way, but The Life and Times of Billy Roberts #76 made it safe and sound to Australia! Corridorgirl shared a picture of an earlier issue of this months back, and I loved the idea of a life newsletter that skips the envelope. Lo and behold, now I get to check it out!

    I love such creativity and colour filling my post box. Thank you so much!

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