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    Happy Mail Monday – Overwhelmed by Generosity Edition

    This week has been a happy week for happy mail indeed! Cute envelopes, shiny envelopes, letters, zines, and even an interesting heart sketch have made my post box and my life a better place!

    Kendy P aka MissMuffcake sent me copies of The Stay at Home Girlfriend and her latest mini-zine! I feel so bad because the postage is so atrocious, but I am so, so thankful for zines in a zine series I love!

    I had to take a picture of the envelope alone because it’s so cute! There’s even a kitty sketched on the front!

    Happy mail from Germany in a shiny green envelope! I know, I know. Plenty of jokes to be made about Nyx loving shiny things. ^_^ Now a more spread out pic of the zines:

    Queer Marshmallow of Queer Trash Distro saw my bullet journal zine on Instagram, and we set up a trade! We’ve both been rather short of spoons lately, so it took a little while, but it happened. Haha.

    I am so thrilled. QM did not tell me that I would be receiving so many zines. What a wonderful surprise!

    This was a great surprise in my post box today. A completely unexpected envie of happy mail all the way from the UK! Chloe Henderson sent art, zines, postcards, and a flier as well. I like seeing all the different ways people get the word out about their zines, art, and work.

    And yes, that heart is exactly what you think it is. Hehehehe. I get to colour it in, too!

    Chris has become one if the most prolific penpals I have ever had! There’s something lovely about settling into a cosy chair and reading a nice long letter.


    That’s all the mail for this week. Heaps! Seeing all the fun mail art, the colours, and all of that stuff makes me want to start making happy mail videos so I can better show everything off. If you think that would be fun, please let me know!

    As always, I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


    Mail Note:

    It’s a bit early, but I figure I should start getting the word out sooner rather than later… I’m moving later this year (late August or September). I will be setting up a new post box as soon as I can in the new location, but as we get closer (starting beginning of August-ish?), you may want to hold off on sending mail. I will get a redirect and everything set up, but I’m a smidge anxious about the whole thing.

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    Happy Mail – Boxing Day Edition

    Happy mail!

    I hope you all have had a good weekend independent of celebratory or familial status. I spent most of the weekend having a great time with planning for a bigger, better, even more organised 2017. (Yep, organising is a good time for me.) Plus, this is the year when, pending everything going well, SeaGreenZines will be moving base! I’m looking forward to having a ‘forever’ base of operations.

    Anyway, enough about that. Time for the mail!


    Forgive the camera lens cover. No, Billy didn’t send me one. (Though I could use a spare.) When the ‘cover’ of your zine is also part of your zine, I get a little bit nervous about showing all the goods. Haha. 😉

    Billy has been going through a bit of a rough time of late, so if you can, give him a bit of extra support in whatever way speaks to you. That he’s sent me this from all the way in the States makes me feel very, very lucky.


    Sweet surprise mail – with zines! Squee! Emma from Puddle Side Musings took me completely by surprise with this unexpected letter and ziiiines! Pieces just so happens to be one of my favourite zine series, so I’m extra extra thankful for the lovely surprise. (That’s not to say that Ker-Bloom isn’t awesome too, of course!)


    Sneaky last minute local mail! Wolfram-J VK of Queer Content fame snuck in on the last day the post office is open for four days. I wasn’t expecting anything, really, but there it was! It’s my very first issue of Queer Content, so I’m very, very excited. Plus, Victoria and Queensland seem to have this weird delay with mail (seriously, I’ve had things from the States arrive faster), so it’s a relief as well to see this safe and sound.

    That’s all the happy mail for this week. Sending you all wonderous, happy vibes for the silly season and the new year to come!

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    Happy Mail! – Holiday Mail Crush Edition


    I worry about mail getting to its destination at the best of times, but this time of year – the holiday mail crush – I am extra anxious. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get any happy mail this month thanks to the slow down. Yeah, that’s a bit of an extreme assumption, but that’s how my anxiety works.

    So when I have received these beauties in the mail, I’ve wanted to say, “I’m so glad you made it here okay!”

    I didn’t because they’re not actually alive or anything…


    Moving on!


    Happy mail from Chris! Chris writes books as well as zines, and it’s fun to write to a fellow author.


    A lovely letter and stamp set from a fairly new pen friend from SendSomething.net. If you want to send out a lot of mail but don’t know where to start, I definitely recommend SendSomething. It’s very simple and easy to use.


    Fishspit happy mail! I must admit that I was hanging out a bit for this one, as I knew it had to be coming soon. Fishspit continues to send lovely things wrapped up in very cool envelope art. Plus a copy of the latest Wiseblood!


    How cute is this tiny cat? This is definitely going next to my tiny green cat and my tiny hamster. 🙂


    My Neighbour Totoro coin purse! I absolutely adore pretty much all things Miyazaki. His movies are some of my favourites, but there isn’t exactly a lot of memorabilia around where I live. Thank you so much!

    I hope you are all having a lovely week full of lots of happy mail and staying warm or cool depending on where you live. You’re amazing!

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    A Funny Thing Happened at the Post Office Today…

    The title is meant to be a play on A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, but they really have nothing to do with each other…


    This wonderful pack of zine goodness came into my life, but not so plainly as to be simply put into my post box. Take a look at the picture, and you might see why…

    Funny Story Happy Mail

    So about that funny thing that happened:

    I wasn’t going to go to the post office, but it was already entirely possible I was sending a package too late for it to reach my friend, Wolf, in time for her birthday. (Procrastination wins again. Sigh.) I briefly thought about sending Wanderer in to send it off, but I got off my lazy backside and did it myself.

    I was lucky enough to get in on a quiet time, so I walked right up to the counter. The guy greeted me warmly, as pretty much everyone there knows me now (for sending a lot of stuff overseas). He double-checked all the customs forms, asked if I wanted tracking…

    When I’d walked in, I’d been absolutely set on not getting tracking for penny-pinching reasons as well as not being impressed with the service in the past. Yet, when presented with all the options, I decided to get it anyway. The options were to get tracking updates sent to my phone or my email. I made a face and said that email would be just fine.

    He asked me for my email address, to which I began to reply, “The Author-”

    His head shot up faster than a meerkat coming to attention. “You’re The Author?”

    I blinked a little and slowly said, “Yes…”

    Without another word, he literally (and yes, I know how to use that word properly) ran out to the mail room. I looked around, a million possibilities running through my head. Not any that made sense, though. I mean, I was an author, but I didn’t think they knew that. Besides, what bearing could that possibly –

    He rushed back in and handed me a thick envelope with all the eagerness and glee of a child handing over an art project. “You’re The Author!”

    It only took me a moment to realise that the envelope had arrived, but they hadn’t known which post box to put it in because there wasn’t one. Oops!

    Oh, he was absolutely thrilled. He talked and talked about how it’d come in, how they hadn’t wanted to send it back straight away because you never know and it’d already come so far, how they had very nearly put it in the Bendigo Writer’s Club post box on the off chance it was for one of them. He was absolutely thrilled, and I couldn’t help but laugh right along with him.

    “What are the chances?” I asked, chuckling as I looked at the envelope. “Not just that I’d come in but that you’d end up needing my email address.”

    “I know!” He was so, so excited. He even said that those things just didn’t happen every day and how he’d have to go get a lotto ticket. Then he became even more excited about the woman who was on lunch break because he would be the one who got to tell her that they’d finally found The Author.

    What a day.

    I can’t stop smiling when I think about it. Here’s to things reaching their destination no matter what.

    PS. This is absolutely by no means taking a shot of Jess Freedom, who sent this envelope of awesomeness.

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    Happy Mail? No. Mystery Mail? Yes!

    This is one of those posts that has little to do with zines. So if you’d rather not read about my strange shenanigans, you know what to do.

    Well! What a way to start the week. No happy mail, even with a Monday stop to the post office. Well, none if you don’t count a Spotlight catalogue trying to get me to spend money that I shouldn’t spend. They did, however, include a small origami project which was nearly impossible to do because they kept referring to dotted lines that didn’t exist. I did manage to make the “koala” (heavy on the quote marks). Zine Ninja wasn’t impressed.


    So. Mystery mail.

    I already knew I was going to be up early today thanks to the roadworks notice slipped in our street mailbox last Friday. What I didn’t expect (besides the disgusting smell of whatever they were spreading on the road) was a knock on the door from our postie. (He always talks as if I’ve been awake for hours already when I always come to the door in my PJs. Adorable.)

    Having experienced mail theft, I only direct mail to our street address if I absolutely have to, so I know when something is on its way. You can imagine my surprise at being delivered the small, light package. You can imagine my greater surprise when I took this fella out:

    Mystery Delivery Bird

    I stared at it for a good long while, trying to jog my pre-coffee brain into some sort of recognition. Nada. I put him aside, checked the name and the address (which were mine) and then began to – half-asleep – go through my Facebook groups trying to find the person whose address was written in big, orange letters on the front.


    After I woke up a bit more, I found a third address on the box. Someone I didn’t know, but this person lived maybe twenty minutes away. Taking a close look (tiny type) at the postage sticker, I saw that it must have come from that person because their local post office was on the sticker. Light bulb. I checked my address again and saw that it was actually an old box from May of last year from VistaPrint. I’d ordered some book cover postcards for my book launch.

    This person, whoever they are, had found/taken/rummaged through the recycles for the box and used it to send the bird.

    Disappointing, as I was beginning to like him.

    This person had also forgotten to cross out my address before sending it off, which is why it came to me instead of going to where it should have gone: Queensland. (Bit of a bloody difference!)

    Wanderer took the bird back to the original sender. She was very grateful to get it back but incredibly puzzled because she’d sent it out weeks ago. It was a fairly mundane end to the mystery (the mystery of where she got the box lives on – she couldn’t remember), but I’m glad she’s happy.

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