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    Call for Submissions: Fresa


    Fresa: “a slang social term used in Mexico and some parts of Latin America to describe a cultural stereotype of superficial youngsters who, by the traditional definition of the word, came from a high class and educated family.” My experience with the word fresa differed from the typical slang use.

    I was called fresa because I didn’t like the things I was expected to like.

    I was called fresa because everyone thought I was stuck up because I kept to myself.

    I was called fresa because I was soft and emotional.

    I was called fresa because I was was queer. A brown queer.

    Soy Fresa. UN PINCHE FRESA.

    Fresa, a zine that is for and by QTPOC.

    This zine aims to highlight intersectionality from a brown/queer perspective through reader submissions.

    The first issue will allow participants to express themselves. To celebrate and detail their experience as a brown queer persxn.

    Each following issue will focus on 1 theme/issue/topic/intersection as seen/experienced by brown/queer folx.

    Fresa will act as a diary for members of the QTPOC community.

    It will give us a safe space to express how we feel and to connect to one another.

    It is a chance to not feel alone. To know that you belong.

    This zine is also intended for POC readers who want to connect to their Queer and Trans Familia.

    Respectfully, this zine is NOT for the non POC audience.

    Fresa is intended to give QTPOC a safe space; a platform that is free from the pressures of racial marginalization and White Gaze.

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