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    Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2


    Last October (HOW DID TIME GO SO FAST?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!) I took an anxiety-filled dive into the world of making my first perzine. Up until then, my zines always had the focus of other people in some way, shape or form. I never really took a stance and talked about how I felt.

    Mostly because I’m a chronic fence-sitter, and expressing my opinion on anything opens me up to criticism. And criticism makes me cry.

    I wish I was joking.

    Anyway, the whole thing was liberating. Wonderful. Yeah, I made some statements that are no longer true for me, but that’s life. People change. However, it’s been way too long between zines.

    Before 2015 is out, I really want to create DCMC 2. The first zine was about introductions. Why I chose the name Nyx, an intro to my world of bipolar, an intro to my art therapy, etc. I have finally decided on the ‘theme’ for the next issue:


    I do have some non-fear-related pieces to put in there to lighten up the mood a bit, but the main focus will be fear/s. I do deal with anxiety as well as decision-making phobia and so on. However, while I’m still in the planning stages…

    Do you have any suggestions about a fear related topic you’d be interested in reading about? (Or another topic you would like me to write about.) Anything. A response to thoughts, a question, anything really… I am open to suggestions within reason, so if you have any, please let me know.

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