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    Zine Review: There is No Relief or Release From Sorrow

    There is No Relief or Release From Sorrow Zine

    There is No Relief or Release From Sorrow
    Philip Dearest & Others

    If the name sounds familiar, Philip Dearest
    This Has All Been Too Much For Me Today, I Think I’ll Go Back to Bed, another zine of mental illness-inspired art.

    By its own description,

    There is No Relief or Release From Sorrow is an art therapy zine about depression/grief/loneliness.

    Philip has curated a number of pieces created by people expressing themselves and their experiences through words and art.

    The art is all beautiful, and sad, and heartbreaking… For me, it was a strange combination of wanting to make each and every artist feel better as well as the sad comfort of knowing that I am not alone. The choice to make the words and art white on black instead of the other way around adds to the entire feel of the zine.

    The title of this zine suggests something so hopeless, but I think the fact that this is a collaboration is, in and of itself, a hopeful thing.

    I only noticed after a few looks through that this is actually volume four, so I’m looking forward to finding volumes one through three.

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    Zine Review: This Has All Been Too Much For Me Today, I Think I’ll Go Back to Bed

    This Has All Been Too Much For Me Today Zine

    This Has All Been Too Much For Me Today, I Think I’ll Go Back to Bed
    Philip Dearest

    I got this zine on Etsy a while back, but I can’t get back to the Etsy shop to provide the link. I have no idea what’s happening there, so I apologise to Philip Dearest.

    This Has All Been Too Much is a mini-zine that links words and art to express thoughts from the anxious and/or depressed mind. The phrases easily struck home for me, and it was a sad reminder of the things so many people go through.

    I’ll be the first to say that I can be a little dense when it comes to art, but seeing statements like, “I can’t stop thinking” fleshed out as a potted plant was a lot more interesting than what I imagine it sounds like. I like the combination of words and uncomplicated art to express mental health issues.

    The printing of this zine is intriguing as it appears to be white printed on black instead of the other way around. I fully admit that I had my nose pretty close to this zine to get a better look.

    My one hesitation with this zine is that, while it may provide a way for people to not feel so alone, the messages might further feed into a dark place. Sometimes it’s a thin line between the two things, and this zine is one of those times.

    I found This Has All Been Too Much to be a somewhat bittersweet experience, but the fact it made me feel something is a goal accomplished.

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Zine Mail!

    I know I’m usually one for posting only one post a day, and Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are for reviews of zines and calls for submissions. But do I really want to wait until Monday to post all of my awesome happy mail?


    Live Dangerously

    How could I wait when I’ve had such lovely arrivals at my post box recently?

    Do It Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad

    I needed to make an Amazon order anyway, so I ordered this on top of everything. But if you want to go right to the source (you should if you can!), then you can find this here at Pioneer Press.

    Hello My Name Is

    MissMuffcake put this glorious zine together, and this is my contributor copy! I haven’t contributed to a zine in ages, and I felt very special to be a part of this zine on mental illness.

    Philip Dearest Mail

    Philip Dearest sent me this lovely little zine pack after we sorted out a bit of an Etsy kerfuffle. But the whole thing just goes to show that if you keep your head when something goes wrong, you might just get a better outcome than the original.

    Plaid Skirts and Converse Mail

    Quinn and I sorted out a trade, and I’m so excited these made it safe and sound from the States. I love it. You can check out Quinn’s work at Touch the Puppet Head.

    Happy mailing!

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