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    Zine Review: Joining the Dots: A Queer, Fat Positive Perzine About PCOS

    Joining the Dots: A Queer, Fat Positive Perzine About PCOS
    Holly Casio & Friends

    Joining the Dots is an A5 black and white zine that describes itself best in the subtitle: A queer, fat positive perzine about PCOS.

    Someone suggested this zine to me after I put together Umbrella, and I am so, so happy to see another PCOS zine out in the zineverse. There’s so much confusion, and it’s a condition not talked about enough.

    I love how Joining the Dots starts out with a ‘Holly Casio Fact File’ as if to say, “I am going to write about PCOS, but I am a person – not a diagnosis”.

    Joining the Dots then jumps right in with what PCOS is and the frustration people with PCOS often encounter due to how uninformed many doctors STILL are about it. This zine quickly becomes a valuable resource offering not only personal stories and tips but also places online where to do more research and find PCOS friends.

    At no point did I feel like any reader knowledge was assumed, which is a big plus in my book.

    I identified so much with Holly’s story. Too many doctors are focused on THE FAT that they ignore everything else. Or, even better (that’s sarcasm), they take the ‘have babies or lose weight’ track that does little to address actual symptoms of PCOS.

    But I’m going off on a tangent.

    Holly invited friends to share their PCOS experiences, which I think is great because PCOS is so varied from woman to woman.

    I think this is an absolutely brilliant zine that covers perspectives often not acknowledged in medicine when it comes to PCOS – queer, not wanting children, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE FAT, DOC.

    Even if you only have the beginning suspicion you might have PCOS, get a copy of this zine.

  • Done, Doing, Dreaming

    Done/Doing/Dreaming – The ‘I Need a New Title’ Edition

    I like ‘Done, Doing, Dreaming’ but I feel more like I want these to be coffee catch up type chats rather than status updates… Something to think about.

    Alas, it’s not quite a week without happy mail, but it’s a little more complicated than usual. I received an awesome postcard from my friend Black Wolf, but it’s one of those 3D type ones that doesn’t photograph well. So not photo here, but I did put a little video up on my Instagram showing me wiggling it about in all its 3D glory if you want to check it out.

    I feel like I haven’t done one of these ‘chat’ posts in a while. Yes, I had to change things up a bit at the beginning of a month, but a quick search tells me that I haven’t done much since a tiny bits and bobs update toward the beginning of April.

    (Also the same day I last updated the Zine Review Index, funnily enough. I promise it’s on the to-do list.)

    I’m still adjusting to the ME diagnosis, but the more I research, the more I realise that I’m fairly lucky on the spectrum of things. Continuing adjustments in my thinking and how I do things should see a level of normalcy that will be good. The diagnosis threw me for more of a loop than I realised, and I should have taken more time, but I’m feeling empowered again about taking control of my health.

    I’m terribly behind in emails, of course, so if you have emailed or posted blogs, I will catch up. There are things that need to be done outside before our rental inspection in a few weeks and before the weather turns, so I’m not at the computer as much as I need to be. But I need to take advantage of sunshine and energy while it’s available.

    As mentioned, I do need to update the Zine Review Index – and the Available Zines page as well.

    A couple people have asked me about selling zines on Etsy and other online sales options. I do have plans for a thorough post on the subject because it’s an important issue with wallets getting tighter for so many of us.

    I’ve also been asked my thoughts on the zine competition charging $20 to submit, and I’m stewing on that one as well.

    Though it does take me a while to get to these things, please don’t let that deter you from making any requests about post topics. If my opinion or knowledge has anything to add, then I’m happy to give it.

    On the zine front, plans remain plans, though I mean to put some steam in them this week.

    I am planning on getting a call for submissions up for the next Umbrella zine. Please don’t let the lack of a formal call being up yet stop you, however. If you have a PCOS story and/or any questions, you can always email me at theauthor(at)inkyblots.com

    I am (finally) making more strides in regards to the zine zine project I am working on. I’ll have a better idea of exactly what I need later this week, but if you have a story about your first zine and how you came across it, I’d love to include your story in the zine! Please get in contact. 🙂

    I think I’ll leave it there for now. I’ve certainly prattled on enough for a day.

    I hope you are all doing well, and if not, that whatever is bringing you down will pass quickly. My best wishes to you always!

  • Announcements


    My beautiful boy Asimov is at the vet’s, recovering from his third (and final! they finally found the problem) operation until tomorrow, so I’m trying to keep my mind occupied. What better way to do that than with admin stuff?

    Here are some updates on site things, shop things and whatnot.

    I’ve updated the Zine Videos page if you’d like to check that out. I’m adding more and more videos, and I’ve make a YouTube Zine Video Playlist for all of them if you’d like to check that out.

    I’ve also updated my Available Zines page so you can not only see what I have available but you can buy directly from me as well if you’d like.


    My Etsy shop is now 100% Sea Green Zines! My previous business name has lapsed, hence why I’ve finally decided to switch over my Etsy shop name. You can now get there by using www.seagreenzines.etsy.com

    I also have plenty of new zines listed there:

    *Hairy is a simple illustrated zine about body hair caused by PCOS.

    *DAFUQ You Say? is a mini-zine full of the weird and wonderful things I’ve heard people say. Taken completely out of context, of course.

    *What’s All This Then? is a mini-zine introduction to what zines are all about.

    *Dear Anonymous 6 is complete and now available as both physical and digital.


    I am very, very happy to announce that Umbrella – A PCOS Zine – is now finished and is also available in physical and digital forms.

    That’s all from me for today. I have a lot more to do and a lot more zines to make, so I’m off for the day!

  • Done, Doing, Dreaming

    Currently – Dear Anonymous, PCOS, & Asimov the Cat

    Alas, no happy mail this week, but I do have a lot on the go to talk about.


    I was not able to make it to Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier 2017, but I did live vicariously through all the wonderful people who Instagramed it and otherwise shared it. Thank you to everyone who did that. It soothed my sad, zine-loving soul a bit.


    I am rocking the outgoing mail (finally), so if you’re expecting mail from me – it’s going out today! Pictured above is a birthday postcard for my nephew. (She may be my sister from another mister, but I still call him my nephew.) It’s nice to be sending out mail again. It just doesn’t feel right when the mail in my life stagnates.


    The PCOS zine is coming along well, and I am so, so happy to get the word out about this condition. It’s so close to my heart, and I’m honoured women are sharing their stories with me and the world.

    We have had a delay however, so if you want to share your PCOS story, please send it to me ASAP at theauthor@inkyblots.com. 250-500 words would be good (but don’t sweat it if it doesn’t quite fit). Comics, poetry, and other art is welcome – just be aware that it will be printed with A5 page in black and white.


    Dear Anonymous 6 is finally coming along. Contributors will, of course, receive their copies first, and then I will get to listing it in both physical and PDF form at my Etsy shop.

    Speaking of which, I do have plans to FINALLY switch the name over to Sea Green Zines. InkyBlots was my small business under which I made journals, cards, zines, sold my novels, etc. Times being what they are, it’s time to let the InkyBlots name die (as far as being on my Etsy, anyway) and embrace that which is Sea Green Zines.


    Beautiful zine cat Asimov is doing pretty well these days on the higher dosage of antibiotics. Those are to tide him over until his operation next Tuesday.

    You can read his full story here if you are interested. Full disclosure: it is a fundraising page. Though the amount has been met, anything additional (or any zine sales, for that matter) are greatly appreciated. The amount raised there is the vet’s estimate of the minimum of what this operation will cost. If we raise any more of that, it will go towards making up any gap there is in the cost as well as his after-care costs like antibiotics, bandages, etc.

  • General

    2017 Zine Plans


    Forgive the last post, my friends. The timing doesn’t matter as much these days with the way blogs and the internet works, but I’d like to stay at least mostly consistent in my posting. Alas, I’m improving my health this year (day 11 no sugar – woo!), and my new morning routine has thrown everything else out.

    As much as I said that I don’t have resolutions as such, I realised that I do actually have plans for the year ahead.

    Zine-wise, I want to create my PCOS Zine because it’s a subject very close to my heart, so I’ll keep crossing fingers that I’ll get entries in. I also have plans for a hemp vs cotton zine, a review zine, as well as a few others.

    Don’t Call Me Cupcake and Dear Anonymous will continue on as they are. Because I love them. Hehe.



    I want to go to Festival of the Photocopier, but it’s very much up in the air right now due to finances. I’m so close to Melbourne, but it still costs to get there, unfortunately. For now, it’s crossing fingers and saving all the bikkies.

    Mini-Zine March

    Mini-Zine March rises again! I only started this last year, but it’s been on my mind for months. I fully plan on getting right into mini-zines for the month of March.

    July is International Zine month, and I’m jumping in again this year.

    This starts to get into the ‘up in the air’ time that is the Great Big Interstate SeaGreenZines Move 2017. We’ll get a better idea of the timeline possibly as soon as February, but for right now, we’re looking at late July to early September as ‘might be moving somewhere in here’ time. I’ll be working hard in the months before then to make sure the transition is as smooth (and unnoticeable) as possible here on the blog.

    What a big year ahead! And I can’t forget that I’ll probably hit my 200th review this year as well. No rest for the zine obsessed. 😉

    Well that’s me for this year. Feel free to link your ‘plans for 2017’ posts in the comments.

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