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    Sunny Day Happy Mail!

    Today’s happy mail brought to you by…


    This gorgeous view!

    My friend Dodgy is out of the country for a while having a holiday, and I’m crashing at his place for a few days. More on that later, though. On to happy mail!


    I may have horrible response times (I haven’t forgotten you!), but I love getting letters as much as I love zines coming to my post box. This absolutely lovely letter from Chris Sitko really brightened my Monday.


    Zine bundle! Zine community tip: If you love a zine and want to share it with your friends, but you don’t want to lose your copy, don’t be afraid to get in contact with the zine maker! I sent an email to Davida about getting extra copies of Meta Zine sent my way because it’s the kind of zine I want to give to my friends. And here they are!


    This is technically happy mail from last week, and you might recognise it if you follow me on Instagram. I couldn’t help myself sharing it there, though, because it was so out of the blue!

    Joe from Microcosm Publishing sent along his zine for the joy of it (and review, too, hehe). And he sent a sticker with it! Wooooo! I’m getting quite the collection of awesome stickers going. 😀

    It’s been a wonderful week in mail, and I am feeling so lucky to know such awesome people. If you love zines and your mailbox is feeling a little lonely, shoot me your mailing address. I may not always have stamps, but when I do, I love sending out heaps of mail!

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: Meta Zine


    Meta Zine: It’s a Zine About Zines
    Davida Gypsy Breier

    A zine about zines? Yes, please! What we have here, my friends, is everything I want in a zine about zines that is so good, I can’t help but want more.

    In Meta Zine, Davida has created a zine guide that introduces you to (or further informs you about) the world of zines. When I say world, I mean world. While it’s light in weight, this zine is anything but light in content.

    Part I is an introduction to the world, culture, and history of zines. Davida mixes the evolution of zines with personal experiences and philosophy. (But at no point does this feel like a perzine.) Davida examines what, if any, definition ‘zine’ actually has and the desire of some to create that label. This moves further into the current zinemaker and inspired yesterday’s post regarding thoughts about the legitimacy/policing of digital zines. There is no preaching or personal politics in this, though. It’s an exploration of the history and associated thoughts – thoughts I’ve also had as a zine reviewer.

    Part II takes you into the hands-on world of actually making a zine. From supplies and margins (don’t ignore margins!) to printing and selling, Meta Zine gives you all the basics to get you started if you are otherwise hesitant. There are even more sections, including a number of zine resources for finding, selling, and trading.

    Meta Zine is only 23 pages long (half fold, looks to be a 10pt font if I’d guess) but still somehow manages to pack it with so much information. It’s fantastic. This is the kind of zine I would make if I had Davida’s level of knowledge. If I had the money, I’d happily buy dozens of copies of this and send them to everyone who expressed an interest in the zine world.

    If you want to know about zine history, how to make zines, some of the philosophy behind zines, anything else related that I haven’t mentioned, then get this zine. It is an utterly fantastic place to start.

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