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    Zine Review: Alone in a New City 1 & 2

    Alone in a New City 1 & 2
    Allysha Webber

    Alone in a New City 1 & 2 are A5 sized black and white photography zines.

    I love black and white photography. I feel like there’s something about stripping an image of colour that makes it feel like you’re revealing something new.

    “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” – Confucious

    Alone in a New City 1 opens with that beautiful quote from Confucious, and it speaks so well to photography and most any art, really. From there, both zines take you through a collection of images taken in and around Melbourne. While the first zine focuses a little more on people and the second seems to focus a little more on street art, they both have a varied collection of images. They give more of an ‘observations of the world around’ rather than focusing on one element in particular. (Though one could certainly argue for Melbourne/Melbourne suburbs being the element.)

    Each photo is granted a page and a title of its own, and most of them are accompanied by a quote as well. I love a good quote, and I like the added layer of context and consideration for the photos. However, there were a few pictures where just the title alone gave me a different perspective of what I was looking at.

    I should note that I do have a bias in this because I quite like Melbourne, and it’s a place that holds a lot of good memories for me. These photos had an added element for me of knowing this place or that. So, like any form of art, I can’t say as to whether they will have the same impact on you.

    I did wonder what different paper and printing might have done for the clarity of the photos or the little details, but it’s entirely possible that it’s intentional. That perhaps you don’t always see things with crystal clarity when you’re in a new city.

    I enjoyed Alone in a New City 1 & 2. I didn’t feel lost or confused as to what I was looking at. I enjoyed views in and around Melbourne, and I will definitely be flipping through them again.

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    Zine Review: ADL -> MEL

    ADL -> MEL
    George Rex Comics

    “Once a year a pilgrimage is made by zinesters across Australia to Melbourne…”

    ADL -> MEL is an A5 comic in pink about travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne for Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne. If the title sounds familiar, that’s because I reviewed a zine by the same name by Rebecca Sheedy: (https://seagreenzines.com/2017/03/15/zine-review-adl-mel/) Let’s just say I was even more excited about finding this zine because not only is it another comic diary perspective about FotP and things surrounding it – Rebecca and George are mentioned in each other’s comics!

    George takes us through the whole FotP experience – from the flight to Melbourne on the Thursday before to fun in the city before the flight home on the Tuesday after. While the reason for the trip may be Festival of the Photocopier, this zine documents all sorts of things that happened around the event as well – including a quiet night in after heaps of zine activities.

    The aesthetic of this zine is so fun in that George designed three zines for a zine launch in Adelaide, and each zine was assigned a Neapolitan ice cream flavour. The reason why this zine is all pink because this one is strawberry! Being the completionist that I am, now I want to grab the other ‘flavours’. I also like the added touch that my zine is #27/100 of the second printing.

    George’s art style is fun and on the more cartoon side of drawing. There are so many little things that made me smile – small details like the Daiso haul (Daiso is an odds and ends shop – most are $2.80), and George mentioning the panic that starts only after you set up your table at a zine event.

    This is the sort of zine I would read before a zine fest to get a feel for zine events. It’s not a guide, but it’s sweet, and I really love the whole vibe. Definitely check it out.

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    International Zine Month 2017 Day 3: Zine Distro Appreciation Day

    International Zine Month 2017 Day 3: Zine Distro Appreciation Day

    Hello zine friends! It’s International Zine Month, which means I’ve shouting my zine love from the rooftops even more often than usual for the entire month.

    Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order from a zine distro

    Zine distros! Those beautiful places that gather ziney goodness and organise it for easy purchase by the masses. They give us a chance to get our cut and pasted words out to people we will probably never meet. Thank you distros!

    So today’s task is to order from a distro. I would love to do that and shout out about the zinelicious goodies headed to my post box… but I have a rather spendy neuro appointment coming up. Until I know if I need more than one of those spendy appointments to get my noggin’ sorted, I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to purchase any zines.

    Are you in a similar financial position? Well we can still show our distro love!

    I would love to show my distro appreciation by shouting out to my closest zine distro: Sticky Institute! I visit them every time I’m in the Melbs CBD, and they stock my zines as well!

    I’m also going to show my distro appreciation by shouting out to the distro I would like to order from next: Pen Fight Distro! They are located in the UK and have a unicorn on their logo. Does it get any better?

    If you love your local – or not so local – zine distro, please leave a link in the comments! I love looking through the listings of new-to-me distros.

    Until tomorrow, keep those glue sticks out and scissors cutting.

    Other Zinesters Joining In (Let me know if you are, and I’ll add you to the list!):


    Play along with 31 Days of International Zine Month Activities here!

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    Mini-Zine Review: Too Pretentious For Melbourne

    Too Pretentious for Melbourne: How to Alienate a Community You’re Desperately Trying to Build
    Sober Bob
    IG: @soberbobmonthly

    I have heard the expression so much, but reading this zine title is the first time I’ve actually said, “Shots fired…”

    Too Pretentious for Melbourne is a zine about Sober Bob’s recent journey to Melbourne and Festival of the Photocopier. In it, Bob shares thoughts about Melbourne the city as well as thoughts on FotP.

    As much as the title and the first paragraph of this zine prepared me for some toasty hot flaming, I found myself very glad that Sober Bob took it back a bit to the prep for travel and the like rather than launching straight into critique. Not only does it make the whole ‘story’ complete, it reminds the reader that this isn’t some random, faceless rant; this is a real person sharing their experience.

    I quite like Melbourne and was gearing myself up to defend it, as I wasn’t sure what to expect with this zine. I love to perve on a good flaming as much as the next person, but Melbourne? Alas, I found myself nodding along. Sober Bob definitely takes a few solid prods at the Victorian capital, but nothing that I think is unwarranted. Reading along, I was reminded of the town I live in: a place considered lovely but ever searching for more, different, shiny and so on ways to identify itself.

    But what about FotP? What would Sober Bob say about that?

    I felt more geared up to defend FotP than Melbourne itself, which may have been a touch more warranted, as Sober Bob is more direct with criticisms of the event. Again, I found myself nodding along. Some might argue that it’s semantics, but I looked at the things written as weaknesses for FotP rather than blatant ‘this is wrong’. I think Sober Bob made some very good points about tweaks that could be made for a more enjoyable experience for all. As much as there is frustration there, I think it came from a place of experience (as Sober Bob has participated in organising zine events).

    Aesthetically, I really love this zine and want to see more like it. There are little notes, drawings, and doodles to go along with everything. While they refer to what is being written about in the main type, they are almost like bonus content within the zines. Director’s commentary, if you will.

    For something that is a critical piece, I feel like this could be the beginning of a conversation – or comparing notes, at least. It’s a growl and a touch of rant, but I think it’s born of dashed expectations and the knowledge that things can be better. Melbourne… I don’t know what to do about Melbourne. But Festival of the Photocopier is experiencing growing pains. Commentary, even in zine form, can be taken on board to improve things for the future.

    All up, this zine made me nervous at first, because any kind of conflict (even simply perceived) gives me anxiety. But I ended up getting right into what Sober Bob has written here and appreciate that making this zine means that at least Bob gives a damn.

    *Apologies for using the Happy Mail picture to show the cover of the zine. I can’t seem to find anything today – neither the picture I already took of the zine alone nor the zine itself so I can take another picture. Grrrr.

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    Mini-Zine Review: my dads ugly clock-wall

    my dads ugly clock-wall

    I picked this little zine up last Friday at the Melbourne Art Book Fair because it made me laugh. I do so appreciate a smile or a laugh…

    There’s something about not just thinking that one’s dad’s clock wall is ugly but thinking it’s so ugly that you need to make a zine out of its magnificent ugliness that makes me literally laugh out loud. It’s probably one of the best demonstrations of ‘zines can be about anything you want’ that I’ve ever seen.

    This zine is exactly what it says it is. Its entire contents are small colour pictures of this wall of clocks. I’m a big fan of the absurdist branch of exitentialism, so the absurdity of this little zine. It’s ridiculously funny (to me).

    Just so you can get a better view of the size…

    The editor side of me does feel a little riled up about the lack of apostrophe in ‘dads’, unnecessary hypenation with ‘clock-wall’, and the misspelling of one’s own URL (I have spelled it correctly above so the link works), so that does take away a little bit from it. While on one side it is a bit nit picky of me, when your zine only has five words and a URL, these sorts of things are going to stand out.

    That being said, I was thinking about how I may have to forgive no contact details on a zine this small. Lo and behold, there are details on the back. No excuses, everyone!

    So if you like the strange and odd, and you think you may have a similar sense of humour to mine, then you might want to grab this one.

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    The Australian Zine Showcase With Sticky Institute at The Melbourne Art Book Fair

    Big title for a long post. 🙂 First things first: I’ll be putting the rest of this post behind a ‘more’ tag because it has a lot of pictures. That way it saves a bit of site loading time and trouble for anyone who isn’t looking to read the full post. So click on that tag to read about my adventures in Melbourne on the 17th.

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    Zine Review: ADL —> MEL

    ADL —> MEL
    Rebecca Sheedy

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love Rebecca Sheedy’s art style? No? Well here we go…

    ADL —> MEL is a short zine about flying from Adelaide to Melbourne for a short stay during Festival of the Photocopier 2016. I almost hesitate to say ‘during the Festival of the Photocopier 2016’ because while that may be the reason for the trek, it’s only a part of things.

    You follow Rebecca’s journey with brief commentary from Thursday the 11th to Tuesday the 16th. As I mentioned, Festival of the Photocopier is a part of the events, with various zine launches as well as the main event zine fest itself. But no one thing gets too much attention. It’s all like cliff notes, and you follow along with what is shared both in words and images.

    Taking it back out for a moment, I really like the cover. It’s a really nice touch in that it’s a copies plane ticket cut out and pasted to tan cardstock. It’s very unassuming and simple, which makes the colour and detail of everything inside pop all the more.

    Rebecca’s art style is so simple on first glance, but then you realise just how detailed it is. From polka dots on pants to the tiny zine covers. It’s so fun. There are times when things are perfectly enjoyable whether they are in colour or in black and white, but I feel like Rebecca made absolutely the right choice by going full colour because it only adds to the awesomeness that is the Sheedy style.

    This zine is a ‘slice of life’ zine in its truest form. I think based on that alone, you should have a good feeling of whether or not you’ll enjoy this zine. If you’re at all unsure, then definitely check out Rebecca’s zines. (My favourite is ‘X‘ about growing up with The X-Files.)

    Rebecca’s zines have always been and will always be zines that reside in my forever collection in the ‘not for borrows because you might lose them’ section.

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    Prep for the Melbourne Art Book Fair Zine Fest

    Wowza. So much work to do and never enough time to do it!

    Sticky Institute (ardent defenders of zine culture since 2001) has been invited by the National Gallery of Victoria to run a zine fair in conjunction with their Melbourne Art Book Fair, taking place between Friday 17 – Sunday 19 March 2017.

    Sea Green Zines will be participating(!) as part of one hundred zine makers Sticky has invited to display and sell their work at the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair. This showcase will present Melbourne’s vibrant DIY publishing community alongside zines from around Australia.

    The zine fair will be happening in the ‘kitchen space’ between the gift shop and the Great Hall.

    (Here is the Facebook link for the Sea Green Zines-specific event.)

    Things have been in an absolute flurry around SGZ headquarters as I print copies, covers, and labels as well as do soooooo much sewing and folding.

    So much of all the things. When you have seven of one zine series, six of another, and a few one-off zines, even doing a few copies of each one quite quickly turns into a huge stack of work.

    Wanderer is so awesome, though, and knows that I will work and work while forgetting everything else, so he kept the coffee flowing. Later in the day…

    …he set up a little ‘relax retreat’ in the back yard. <3 That guy.

    This is the stack of sewing that I finished at twenty minutes past midnight last night. Ooof!

    There’s still a stack of things to do, which is why I might not be the best at keeping up with pretty much every other facet of my life. Reviews will still be going up this week, but there will be delays in email or other message responses.

    Aaaaand, just as a little sneaky…

    You all know how much I absolutely adore zines, and I am absolutely tickled that Sticky invited me to table at this event. I will have all my zines there for your purchasing pleasure.

    However, given it’s the art book fair… I will also have a few copies of my novel, Dark Echoes, there, too. You can get a signed copy for your awesome self. I’ll pop the synopsis at the end of this post. (Yes, it’s the third in a series, but it can be read as a standalone.)

    Well, that’s me for now.

    Dark Echoes


    Lily Peterson is a wolf who hunts alone. Haunted by the attack that left her best friend permanently human, she will do whatever it takes to catch her prey.


    Jason North is one of the Neuri, a pack of werewolves with special abilities. He knows he’s never met Lily before, but his instincts tell him he has. He’ll keep her close until he figures out why.


    A war that has played out across lifetimes threatens to consume Echo Falls. Friends become enemies, and old enemies become allies. Lily fights against memories that aren’t hers, forced toward a fate she doesn’t believe in.

    Fate is about to learn that Lily doesn’t like being told what to do.

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail – Snail Mail Edition (+ Bonus Puns)

    Happy mail!

    It’s a public holiday here in Victoria, but I got out to the post box on Friday and found some wonderful goodies waiting for me. Yes, mail is still just as (if not more so) exciting as it was when I was a kid. I love it so much!

    First up is a lovely postcard from one of the contributors to Umbrella – the PCOS zine sent as a thank you for the zine. That’s so sweet, and it truly brightened my day.

    This zine comes all the way from Singapore – and check out that envelope art. Hehe. It’s so fun to see unexpected colours, drawings or other envelope art. This zine is actually a short screenplay – a first of its kind for zines I’ve read.

    (PS. Get it? Snail mail? Snaaaaail mail? 🙂 )

    The last piece of fun mail to come my way is from my penpal Misti. I hated to bend the letter like that, but I had to show you what she did! She actually turned her letter into a little booklet with the map serving as the cover. What a cool idea, yes?

    That’s me for now. A busy week ahead prepping for the zine fair in Melbourne on Friday.

    Many, many thanks to those who take the time and effort to brighten my post box and my day.

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    What a Monday!

    Hello, Monday!

    This has been one of those starts to the week that leaves me wondering what in the world the rest of the week has in store. It started with Wanderer planning to take care of some important things in Melbourne… but he forgot his phone. He was going to get a later train but figured out how to sort things from home, blah blah blah.

    On top of that, I have been going, going, going with both zine and non-zine work.


    I spent most of the morning proofing Don’t Call Me Cupcake 7 – and boy did it needs some edits. I like to print off a physical proofing copy because there’s some things that are just easier to catch on the page.


    I am prepping at full speed for the Melbourne Art Book Fair coming up on the 16th-19th. I’m happy to be a lot calmer than I was about Festival of the Photocopier last year, but there’s still a lot to be nervous about! I’m channeling all my anxiety into work energy. So much folding to do!


    In non-zine work, I’m just finishing up a baby book a friend of mine ordered. They are time-consuming to make but pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


    The final bit thing I had to do that I actually finished just a couple hours ago is a napkin fold thank you card for a friend in Melbourne. These can be a bit of a headache at times (mostly if the 12×12 cardstock you buy is a little off in the actual measurements), but they sure to turn out pretty.


    All opened up…

    That’s me for this busy, busy Monday. I hope your start to the week has been a lot calmer than mine.

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