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    CALL FOR ZINE SUBMISSIONS: Gay Marriage, Now What?


    “Now What” is a forward-thinking zine that celebrates the recent triumph in gaining marriage equality by asking the question, “now that marriage is legal, what’s next?” Consider the following questions:

    Will the gays queer marriage, or will marriage straighten the gays?
    Is this the end of GLB civil rights?
    What is next for you after marriage?
    How has marriage changed (or NOT changed) your relationship?
    Who is being forgotten, left behind, or ignored?
    Who is not served by marriage?
    Who is marriage actually serving?
    What kinds of new discrimination will be faced by queer people despite marriage equality?
    Will there be “Queer Crow” laws?
    How is marriage not equitable for all?
    What will be the next big civil rights fight? What should it be?
    Does gay marriage make this a “post-gay” society? What does that even mean?
    Do gays still need allies?
    What does responses to marriage equality reveal about our society?
    Now what?

    If you have a rant, essay, poem, story, personal narrative, blurb, academic paper, fiction of any genre, or piece of visual art work that address the “now what” of a post marriage equality world, any of the questions above, or anything I have left out, SEND IT IN! Chosen submission get 2 free copies of the zine. In the unlikely event profit is made off this zine (HA!) it will be donated to a LGBTQ charity.

    Submission should be sent to wabisabizinez@gmail.com. And that is zineZ with a Z.

    There is no limit on length (long or short), although 2000 words or less is best for most attention spans. Visual art should be scaled to fit in a 5.5 inch wide by 8.5 inch tall page (approx A5 size). The zine will be black and white, possibly with a color cover – so do keep that in mind as you submit visual art. You may submit in any file format. Again, chosen submission get 2 free copies of the zine. In the unlikely event profit is made, it will be donated to a LGBTQ charity.

    Please share!

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