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    Zine Review: Coping Skills: Because Sometimes Life Is Some Serious Bullshit


    Coping Skills: Because Sometimes Life Is Some Serious Bullshit
    Dr Faith G. harper

    When Wanderer’s emergency happened, I found that I couldn’t tolerate TV, videos, or anything I’d usually do to distract myself. However, I did have this zine, and bit by bit, it did help…

    This zine is one of a series called ‘Dr Faith’s Five Minute Therapy’ and just goes to show how effective a catchy title is. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when I ordered this zine, but I couldn’t resist getting it with a title like that.

    Lucky me, it was a bet that paid off.

    Dr Harper has created a list (love a list) zine all about things you can do to cope with what’s happening in your life. There aren’t really specifics applied to this like ‘coping with a car crash’ or ‘coping with the fact someone ate the last doughnut’. It’s like the title says – because sometimes life is some serious bullshit.

    Coping Skills is written in the voice of a friend rather than a doctor (or parent or ruling force in your universe). Coping Skills is all about coping, but it reads as something closer to a conversation you’d have while out for coffee rather than one you’d have in a psychologist’s office. When it comes to stuff like this, it’s so important to hit that point of telling someone what they can do rather than just telling them what to do.

    I must say that I have to admire that Dr Harper was so ‘meh’ about prayer and meditation one one page but then turned the perspective to a whole new light (that I hadn’t thought of before) on the next page.

    I really love that there are suggestions for things to do that you actually can do. I’ve read too many lists and articles that suggest things that require money or other means when ‘money’ or ‘other means’ can be things that add to the stress of the situations in the first place. The suggestions in this zines are general enough that you know what she means but can apply them as you please.

    I read this zine during a time when I was incredibly stressed and not sure how to function, let alone cope. It wasn’t a miracle, but it did help. That being said, I think this zine is a great zine to read for any kind of coping, be it more or less stressful.

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    Mini-Zine Review: LP’s Lists: A 24 Hour Zine

    LP's Lists

    LP’s Lists: A 24 Hour Zine

    I feel like it might say something bad about me how I derive pleasure from getting ‘limited run’ zines. I love list zines, I was ordering another zine from LogPoes anyway, but seeing this in the description on Etsy made getting it all the more pleasureable:

    List zine written for the 24 hour zine thing challenge. 24 pages, A6, full colour, limited edition of 24 copies. I’m not reprinting this zine, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. 🙂

    Anyway, list zine! It doesn’t take much to figure out what this zine has inside. I absolutely love lists (to the point where I had to get myself to stop making them for a while) and especially list zines. I find that list zines have this awesome way of showing so much personality with so few words. LP’s Lists is no exception. With excellent handwriting (a must for zines that are handwritten) and simple art, you get to know LPs desk, current reads, current music…

    I love that, as the intro, LP gives a list of reasons why she decided to make a list zine. A little bit of cheekiness goes a long way.

    My favourite list, though? “What I Order at the Sushi Restaurant” It’s always nice to find another sushi enthusiast. Yum!

    It’s a quick-ish read, as you might imagine, but I enjoyed every minute.

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    Zine Review: Summer Goals List


    Summer Goals List
    Sarah McNeil

    I’m not sure if I’m trying to be ironic or if I’m really missing summer in the midst of a dreary end of July (so sick of winter) by reading and reviewing this zine. Then again, how could I resist such lovely bright colours!

    This is where I apologise for my absolutely shocking photography because I have done absolutely no justice to the striking colours of this zine. The first thing I notice about Summer Goals List is the fact that it’s a list zine (fangirl squee). But the second is definitely the vivid colours. Wowza.


    See, I’m still not doing it justice. Get a copy so you can check it out.

    With a zine like Summer Goals List, I think you have to appreciate the subtle things. At least, that’s how I looked at it. You would think a list is a list, but there were so many ways that people approached this. I love the variety. From simplicity to complexity, from things to get done to things to see… There is a variety that I didn’t expect.

    I do have to mention that some of the lists were a touch hard to read. Nothing that got it kicked out of my forever collection, but enough to warrant a mention.

    One extra little spesh thing is this:


    I feel pretty cool when I know that I have one of only X number of copies or if I know I have a zine from the first print run.

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