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    Zine Review: Spaced Out

    Spaced Out
    Hollie F

    Spaced Out is an A5 full colour art zine about mental illness and identity.

    In this zine, Hollie takes us on a journey through her mind with images and short snippets of writing. It’s difficult not to feel the enormity and vast loneliness of the zine with most pages containing galaxy patterns and/or a wide spectrum of blues.

    As sombre as this zine is, I like that Hollie doesn’t name any particular illnesses or conditions. I think that makes the art and the sentiments all the more relateable.

    Hollie’s drawing style is lovely (definitely check out her Instagram) with nice, thick lines and just enough little details to accent the work as a whole. The entirety of the zine is gorgeous.

    Definitely grab a copy.

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    Zine Review: A Guide to Self-Care

    A Guide to Self-Care
    Latibule Art
    Latibule Art

    A Guide to Self-Care is a full-colour A7-sized mini-zine of self-care activities.

    Self-care can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it means just doing something. In this little mini-zine, you will find ideas for solitary adventures that can easily be adapted to groups if you’d like.

    I like the adaptability of the activities in that way. For the most part, they are as ‘in’ or as ‘out and about’ as you’d like them to be (within the parameters of the activity itself).

    This is a lovely little zine for your pocket or wallet to give you ideas on days when thinking of something to do is difficult.

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    Zine Review: Rose/Water – No Longer Confused

    Rose/Water – No Longer Confused
    Hollie F

    A couple notes before I get into the swing of things. First, I am not completely sure how the zine creator wants the title to be displayed. This is my best guess. Second, the photo does not due justice to the gorgeous colours of this zine.

    Rose/Water is an A7 sized full colour zine about being different and finding your true identity.

    Aesthetically, this zine is beautiful. It’s one of those zines that I keep flipping back and forth through repeatedly. It makes me want to get out my watercolours. The line drawings follow the same style as the drawing on the front, the watercolours telling the story alongside the words.

    What a lovely story it is, too. In fourteen little pages, Hollie tells a story that so many people exist – about feeling so alone until finding a path beyond blue or pink. Though it is about moving beyond blue or pink, I think it speaks to everyone who has not fit into whatever they were told to fit into.

    This is a zine I would always want spare copies of to give away because it’s just so sweet. I’m not sure if/where Hollie sells these, but if you can find a copy, grab it.

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