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    Happy Mail Monday – Zine Book Edition

    I’ll be frank with you all: I had a bit of a crappy weekend. I didn’t feel well, and I got downright grumpy about it. But with the sun (kind of) shining, and happy mail in my hands, everything is starting to look up.

    Billy da Bunny! I think I’ve mentioned already how much I love these little newsletter-esque zines with a few life updates inside. They’re so fun, and I wish more people would make them. Billy is the generous sort who simply added me to the mailing list as a surprise. ^_^

    This one wasn’t a surprise but was still absolutely just as lovely to receive. The newest edition of Make a Zine! Joe Biel asked for thoughts on zine community in one of the zine groups I’m in. Little did I know that contributing to the conversation could mean contributing to the book. Thanks so much for the copy!

    Not only that; Joe also included a lovely card of thanks for what I do here at Sea Green Zines that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s all too easy to forget that I’m not plugging away here in complete isolation.

    A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who have sent me mail and do send me mail. I keep the mail from the past to go through on my down days, and incoming mail often means more than simple joy to me. I appreciate you all.

    **Special Note: I am fully aware that Microcosm Publishing and, specifically, Joe Biel, are subjects of contention amongst some in the zine community. If people want a post on my thoughts about the whole thing, I can do that. If not, I’ll leave it at this: I absolutely adore zines and all they can do for people. I ‘raise my flag’ or ‘throw in my lot’ with no one and nothing but the actual zines. I am a coward in the truest sense when it comes to any sort of conflict, and all I ever want to do is hold zines close and hope the rest sorts itself out. I hope that no one thinks less of me for it, but I understand if you do.

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    Technical Difficulties

    It’s interesting how much time, energy and worth we put into technology. I don’t think you can really comprehend the degree to which it is part of your life until the connection with it is threatened.

    I’m thinking about this today because my computer is acting up. Anything more complicated than an email has become irritatingly difficult. But it wasn’t until things started freezing and not even opening that I began to feel the threat to that connection.

    What I find interesting is that – after I copied my files onto an external drive – I thought of this blog. I was unhappy about the prospect of being late (again) with zine reviews. I didn’t like the thought of being disconnected from this cyberspace. I knew that this blog and the people I am ‘meeting’ here have made me happy, but I didn’t realise to what degree until the possibility of not being here arose.

    This post is a bit scattered. You’ll have to pardon me. I meant to simply get on here and post that the zine reviews might be delayed this week.

    Alas, sometimes my train of thought is more like an old hiking path – interesting but often hard to follow…

    Haha. Until next time!

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