• International Zine Month

    International Zine Month 2018 – Day 15 – Free Zine Day!

    We’re approaching the halfway mark of International Zine Month and have a lovely prompt for this beautiful Sunday.

    Today’s prompt is:

    Free Zine Day! Give zines away or leave zines in a public place for a stranger to find

    Free Zine Day! Woohoo!

    I just so happen to have a few spare zines here, and, to celebrate the day, I’m giving them away! All you have to do is comment below and then let me know where to send them. (Either in the comment or you can email me at seagreenzines@gmail.com)

    I’ll send them out as I can. πŸ™‚


    List of activities: http://www.stolensharpierevolution.org/international-zine-month/
    Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/internationalzinemonth/

    Others Joining In :

    *Echo Publishing – https://echopublishing.wordpress.com
    *Feral Publications – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-dA2HTUon0

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail Monday – Hello December Edition


    Hello, and happy Monday, zine friends!

    This especially chipper hello comes to you courtesy of the proper internet connection I finally have in my home. No more living by expensive mobile data for me! Phew. Happy, happy day.

    And an especially happy day thanks to wonderful mail!

    Hats off to Sober Bob big time. It is no small feat, and yet she keeps on rocking week in and week out. I absolutely love it and am thrilled to be on the $50 Minimum mailing list.

    Yes, I really do love ‘slice of life’ zines. Little (or sometimes big) free zines that give us another chance to connect – as friends, strangers… Whatever it happens to be. <3

    This out of the blue postcard came all the way from Las Vegas! Allysha Webber was so kind to think of me during their travels here and there. A little surprise to make the start of the week that much brighter. πŸ™‚

    Woo! This arrived so quickly. I’m very impressed (and not so sad faced about postage costs – haha). I have had this on my wishlist since I first saw Alex Wrekk post about it on their Instagram. You see, witchcraft is one of a few things I want to learn more about, and this zine popped up as a perfect place to start. The financial stars aligned, and here we are. I’m very excited to start reading it.

    Thank you for the lovely mail, making my little bubble in the world a little brighter. Thank you to everyone who reads and shares in my love for happy mail.

    That’s me for today. I’m not really sure what’s up next. I’m a little exhausted after ZineWriMo and have a lot of catching up to do now with the proper internet connection.

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages! #1

    Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages Zine

    The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages! #1

    I picked up this zine at Festival of the Photocopier, and it was a moment that made me really love the zine scene even more. This zine was one of many on a table that had no one sitting at it. There was simply a cup in the middle for you to put in whatever money you felt right.

    Fantastic stuff. On with the review!

    I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I would review this zine because, even though it’s a comic, I thought some of the humour might be wasted on me. Alas, you never know unless you try, and I have a habit of not regretting giving something a go.

    This zine is no exception.

    The comics in this zine are the kind of funny that you laugh at the ‘surface’, but any sort of additional thinking makes you realise that it falls into the ‘it’s a bit sad, too, because it’s true’ category. There’s definitely tongue-in-cheek and even a little stinging humour in there as well.

    There is one comic that really got to me about medical debt. If there is one thing that riles me up, it’s medical debt. I grew up in the States where my health care was determined on the basis of whether my parents had the money to seek treatment. There was a lot of other stuff mixed up in there, but there should never, ever be a reason to hesitate when it comes to seeking healthcare for a child.

    The comic ended appropriately with: This isn’t funny. It’s just sad.

    All up, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot more going on in this zine than I expected – and a lot more that I could identify with as a bonus. Definitely pick it up if you see a copy.

    PS. Favourite quote? “If there are no more questions, I will now don my party hat and laugh maniacally.”

  • General

    I Need to Make a Mini-Zine

    Did you know that Dear Anonymous started out as a mini-zine?

    DA Cover

    That idea lasted all of five minutes after I received the first letter, but it was fun to make.

    It occurs to me that I would like to make a mini-zine. I’m a fluffy heart fangirl of the A5 sized zine, but there is something endearing and awesome about the smaller zines floating around. Plus, I’ve only ever made one, and that was waaaay back.

    Purple Moose and Guinness

    Back when Purple Moose (RIP) was part of the magical zine team known as Sea Green Zines.

    A while back, I believe it was Wolfram (of Queer Content fame) mentioned in a group discussion that a zinemaker should have at least one free zine that can be included in mail packs, handed out to strangers, traded for candy, etc. The idea stuck in my head like gum on my shoe, but that’s a poor metaphor because I don’t want to get rid of the idea.

    I want to act on it.

    I’ve mentioned before that Australian postal costs stink – especially internationally. So that’s definitely a hindrance in sending out a mini-zine as an additional freebie. But if someone orders more than one zine, I suddenly have a lot of grams (of weight) that I can fill up without the postage going up.

    The weird thing is that I feel a little out of my depth for a mini-zine. I have heaps of ideas for the larger sized ones, but man… A mini-zine? More thinking needed.

    What do you think? Do you have mini-zines? Do you like them? Would you want one?

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: New Hearts, New Bones 16 : Evil Has Many Faces


    New Hearts, New Bones 16 : Evil Has Many Faces
    Cheering and Waving Press
    Touch smaller than A6

    This little zine is marked as free zine, but I received it in a trade. (Such is the way when postage to your country stinks). It’s a ‘traditional’ zine in the sense of it being black and white, clearly cut and paste, and stapled together in a slightly askew way.

    This zine is almost a call to revolution. At least, that’s how I read it. It starts off with a ‘tragic but true’ statement and then prods you into taking action. Into stopping the monotony of it all. While it didn’t inspire me to throw away the ‘shackles of the man’ (and I type that with no sarcasm intended), it was a short, sharp reminder that there is more to the world than the things I immerse myself in.

    A bit deep for such a small zine? Perhaps. But I’m in the mood for some stirring of life beyond what it is now.

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