• Calls for Submissions

    Call for Submissions: badhouse zine

    The zine will be posted on Tumblr (like And I Get To Tend The Rabbits! was) and put up to be downloaded for free online.

    At badhouse we think that there’s a lot more we could all be doing as writers to be more social, more inclusive, and more supportive of each other’s art, so we’ll be encouraging all contributors to get in contact with one another, and ultimately we’re going to try and build a real community around this zine and any others we put out in the future.

    To honour this, the theme of this first zine will be “community”. You can interpret this however you like. You can write about how communities can be positive, broken, shallow. You could send a photograph of a community. You can be abstract or literal. You can ignore the theme altogether if your work is exceptional enough!

    If you make it, we want to see it! Poems, short stories, essays, visual art — whatever! If it can be printed, submit it!

    So if you want to get to know some fellow writers, be there to help badhouse take its first steps, and if you’ve got something relevant lying around or have the time to put something relevant together, send it over to contact.badhouse@gmail.com

    Submissions will close on January 9th, and we aim to have the zine out there by late January/early February.

    Good luck!

  • Zine Reviews

    Zines! Glorious Zines!

    More mailbox goodness! I’m thinking of having a change jar that I will use for buying up zines. I love them all so far and I like supporting zine makers. That’s a thought for another time. Zines!

    number one: a zine of firsts
    Buy here at etsy!

    This zine was definitely a ‘softy’ buy in that firsts are very close to my heart. When I first moved to Australia, taking in and experiencing as many ‘firsts’ as I could became my mission; a mission that led to me trying many things I would not have tried otherwise. I really liked the cute art and the uncomplicated subject. I would definitely check out her other work.

    Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2
    Buy here at etsy!

    If there was ever a zine that I thought I needed to have to get started in the zine world, it’s this one. With it’s own ISBN and awesome binding, it’s more like a small book than a zine. But it’s a sort of zine-topia in all the information it holds. From thoughts on layouts to an index of distros and zine events (worldwide!), Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2 is definitely a must have, in my opinion.

    This is also one of those cases where I wish I would have looked at everything in the shop before making my purchase because they have so much awesome stuff in addition to zines! Check it out.

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