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    Surprise Podcast! Selling Your Zine Online Pt 2: Etsy – The Zine Collector Ep 013

    Hello, zine friends! Today is a surprise Monday episode of The Zine Collector.

    In this episode of The Zine Collector, I start a podcast mini-series in which I take a look at the various options for selling your zines online. Seeing as I grumbled about Etsy last episode, it only seemed fair to start there in the series.


    People/Places/Zines Mentioned This Episode:

    *Bloomington Zine Fest – https://bloomingtonzinefest.wordpress.com
    *Episode 12 of TZC – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfWqcEUqNAU
    *Pattern by Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/pattern
    *Etsy Fees – https://www.etsy.com/au/legal/etsy-payments
    *How VAT Works on Etsy – https://help.etsy.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360000337247#Q1
    *How Etsy Calculates Shipping – https://help.etsy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000343008-Discounted-Shipping-For-Multiple-Items

    *@Fanzines: https://twitter.com/fanzines
    *Zine World Calendar: http://bit.ly/2lAVSYK

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    Want to listen to the podcast? Find me at: https://shows.pippa.io/thezinecollector

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    Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
    Artist: http://audionautix.com/

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    Zine Review: The Radical Uprise #005: DIY Culture Cut and Paste

    The Radical Uprise #005: DIY Culture Cut and Paste

    On the eve of International Zine Month, I thought it was only right to review a zine that is all about the love of DIY.

    One thing I truly love about zines is when someone is able to put things I feel so strongly about into word better than I could have ever hoped to. On the very first page of this zine, there is a section about creating things and being in artist that expresses my own feelings so, so well.

    Talk about a good start to a zine.

    The Radical Uprise #005 is DIY from self to self-sustainable with pieces about making things to supporting creators. There’s plenty to check out above and beyond the zine with interviews with interesting people who have shops and distros.

    This zine is a bit Etsy-centric in that it’s the only platform really talked about. I would have liked to hear success stories using other platforms. But I also fully admit that I’m probably only mentioning it because Etsy’s money-grabbing (especially of late) makes me angry.

    The Radical Uprise #005: DIY Culture Cut and Paste is not simply an excited yell out into the night about how wonderful it is to DIY in your life. This zine covers why it’s good for you, good for the people who do it, and even why it’s good for the planet. It’s a great way to look at DIY from multiple ways.

    Check it out.

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    Zine Review: Side Project #5

    Side Project #5
    Samantha EE, Teresa Watts, Sabrina Wong, Sophie Raynor, Evelyn Paolino
    @sideproject_mag (Twitter/IG/FB/Pinterest)

    Side Project is a series about DIY and living creatively. In this issue, there are artist interviews, how-to instructions for a couple crafty projects, and various articles. This zine is the magazine that I always wanted to read growing up.

    At $10, Side Project is definitely in the higher price range for a zine. However, for the price, you are getting a full colour, 46 page zine printed on nice paper. Aesthetically, it’s a very pretty zine. Everything is very neat, colourful, nicely laid out, and readable. It’s chock full of information and is a zine you can sit and pour over for hours.

    In layout and feel, it’s very much a magazine. Those can be fighting words in the zine arena, but with ‘a zine for creatives’ on the cover but ‘mag’ in the URL, I don’t think the Side Project team is going to take it badly. I think they understand that they walk an interesting line.

    Side Project puts me in a very strange space that I’ve never been in before. On one hand, it’s a zine. On the other hand, it’s almost not. It’s so perfectly well put together and perfectly created that it almost throws me a bit. There is often a sort of grit – a misprint here or a wonky staple there – and handmade feel to zines that Side Project doesn’t have because of its production.

    That’s by no means at all a bad thing – please don’t take me wrong in that. And I certainly don’t mean to say that all zines have misprints or wonky staples. I only mean to say that Side Project is certainly different to my usual zine read.

    In many ways the magazine-like qualities work very much in its favour. The combination of the aesthetic with pieces about creatives who live in Australia and sell on Etsy was really inspiring. It made me feel like homegrown creators can get the real recognition they deserve. I loved reading about talented people I could identify with as a creator and enjoyed articles on subjects I give a damn about.

    On that note, my favourite piece of the entire zine was definitely the piece on Imposter Syndrome. I didn’t know that the feelings I hold all the time actually had a name and that other people feel them, too. I like that they didn’t just write about it but also added on some tips for making your imposter feelings work in your favour.

    All up, this zine is gorgeous to look at and enjoyable to read. I can think of a few DIY friends I’d like to get copies for. DIY, Etsy sellers, and other creatives will enjoy it.

  • Announcements

    Quick Updates

    I have two new zines up for sale in my Etsy shop!

    ‘Don’t Call Me Cupcake: 2017’ is the seventh of a perzine series about my life. In this zine, I write about deciding not to write zines on a schedule, how my cat has used up most of his nine lives over the past few months, dealing with anxiety and mania at the same time, share the first chapter of my fourth novel, and more.

    (PDF version coming soon)

    The F Word is a zine about my favourite expletive and is an expanded version of an essay I wrote for one of my professional editing courses. (Top marks, if you are curious.) While it does poke fun at swearing, it also examines the history, versatility, and other factors that makes f*** a swear word for the ages.

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    My beautiful boy Asimov is at the vet’s, recovering from his third (and final! they finally found the problem) operation until tomorrow, so I’m trying to keep my mind occupied. What better way to do that than with admin stuff?

    Here are some updates on site things, shop things and whatnot.

    I’ve updated the Zine Videos page if you’d like to check that out. I’m adding more and more videos, and I’ve make a YouTube Zine Video Playlist for all of them if you’d like to check that out.

    I’ve also updated my Available Zines page so you can not only see what I have available but you can buy directly from me as well if you’d like.


    My Etsy shop is now 100% Sea Green Zines! My previous business name has lapsed, hence why I’ve finally decided to switch over my Etsy shop name. You can now get there by using www.seagreenzines.etsy.com

    I also have plenty of new zines listed there:

    *Hairy is a simple illustrated zine about body hair caused by PCOS.

    *DAFUQ You Say? is a mini-zine full of the weird and wonderful things I’ve heard people say. Taken completely out of context, of course.

    *What’s All This Then? is a mini-zine introduction to what zines are all about.

    *Dear Anonymous 6 is complete and now available as both physical and digital.


    I am very, very happy to announce that Umbrella – A PCOS Zine – is now finished and is also available in physical and digital forms.

    That’s all from me for today. I have a lot more to do and a lot more zines to make, so I’m off for the day!

  • Done, Doing, Dreaming

    Currently – Dear Anonymous, PCOS, & Asimov the Cat

    Alas, no happy mail this week, but I do have a lot on the go to talk about.


    I was not able to make it to Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier 2017, but I did live vicariously through all the wonderful people who Instagramed it and otherwise shared it. Thank you to everyone who did that. It soothed my sad, zine-loving soul a bit.


    I am rocking the outgoing mail (finally), so if you’re expecting mail from me – it’s going out today! Pictured above is a birthday postcard for my nephew. (She may be my sister from another mister, but I still call him my nephew.) It’s nice to be sending out mail again. It just doesn’t feel right when the mail in my life stagnates.


    The PCOS zine is coming along well, and I am so, so happy to get the word out about this condition. It’s so close to my heart, and I’m honoured women are sharing their stories with me and the world.

    We have had a delay however, so if you want to share your PCOS story, please send it to me ASAP at theauthor@inkyblots.com. 250-500 words would be good (but don’t sweat it if it doesn’t quite fit). Comics, poetry, and other art is welcome – just be aware that it will be printed with A5 page in black and white.


    Dear Anonymous 6 is finally coming along. Contributors will, of course, receive their copies first, and then I will get to listing it in both physical and PDF form at my Etsy shop.

    Speaking of which, I do have plans to FINALLY switch the name over to Sea Green Zines. InkyBlots was my small business under which I made journals, cards, zines, sold my novels, etc. Times being what they are, it’s time to let the InkyBlots name die (as far as being on my Etsy, anyway) and embrace that which is Sea Green Zines.


    Beautiful zine cat Asimov is doing pretty well these days on the higher dosage of antibiotics. Those are to tide him over until his operation next Tuesday.

    You can read his full story here if you are interested. Full disclosure: it is a fundraising page. Though the amount has been met, anything additional (or any zine sales, for that matter) are greatly appreciated. The amount raised there is the vet’s estimate of the minimum of what this operation will cost. If we raise any more of that, it will go towards making up any gap there is in the cost as well as his after-care costs like antibiotics, bandages, etc.

  • Done, Doing, Dreaming,  Happy Mail

    Happy Hawaiian Zine Mail & Other Happenings

    Hello beautiful people! Yes, I am in a most excellent mood. I have discovered that there is numbing throat spray out there, and I finally got a good night’s sleep because I wasn’t waking up regularly in agony.

    The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and some beautifully bright happy mail came from Hawaii!


    This picture does not do these zine covers justice. We’re talking highlighter pink and highlighter orange covers here, and they are the only piece of mail to come into my post box for days! What a gorgeous day to break a dry spell. Thank you so, so much Anna from Hawaii!


    Today has been a busy, busy day (yeah, kind of mixing up happy mail and done/doing/dreaming in this post) with plenty happening because I’m not good at planning for rainy (or sick) days. A big part was taking pictures and updating my Etsy shop a bit.

    The Zen Zine Pack (one of everything) now actually shows pictures with all the zines available, and prices more accurately reflect the time/effort put into them. I’d love to have one price across the board for every zine I make, but that’s not practical (especially with all the extra work that goes into Don’t Call Me Cupake).

    This is how I get when the various zine groups start giving me ideas.

    Anyway, I’d better keep going and going, as Kickass is coming over to my place very soon, and there’s still so much more to do! I hope you all have a lovely week and a lovely start to December later this week.

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    Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 – Now Available on Etsy!


    Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 – the sixth in the zine series about my life – is now up on Etsy in both physical and digital forms.

    Number 6 – Spring – is a bit of an emotional one where I share the story of Wanderer’s time in hospital, talk about Boggin moving, start facing my fears when it comes to my mental illness, and more.


  • Done, Doing, Dreaming

    Done, Doing, Dreaming – Sunshine Edition


    I know I put this picture up yesterday, but it’s sooo pretty here, and I am LOVING this sunshine. Aussies know what I’m talking about.

    Expanding on what I mentioned yesterday, my friend Dodgy is off on holiday at the moment. I’ve been wanting to get some recording done for ages, but it’s way too noisy where I live. Dodgy happens to live in picturesque country Victoria where it’s so much quieter. So here I am, recording zines as well as my first novel.

    I’ve already learned I’m horrible at doing voices.


    *You can now listen to me read Don’t Call Me Cupcake 1: Introductions on Bandcamp for free! Click here to check it out as well as other zine creators reading their work. <3
    *I've just finished up recording Don't Call Me Cupcake 3, so audio versions of 2 and 3 should come out later this year.


    *I’m currently working on Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6, which is about spring in Australia, zine projects, Wanderer being in hospital, and other fun stuff.
    *I am also working on getting ahead with zine reviews just in case I go ahead with NaNoWriMo. I’m not entirely convinced that I would be doing the sane thing by joining in, but I’m not one for always doing the sane thing… If you’d like to be my writing buddy, you can find me here.
    *If you hadn’t already heard, We Make Zines – the place for all things zine – is closing down at the end of this month due to a dramatic rise in cost. I’m not able to do much, but if you know about coding and site migration, be sure to stop by this thread and let Quasifesto know that you’re willing to help out.


    *I’m actually dreaming of moving away from Etsy as a shop front, as it’s looking like Etsy is one of the more expensive places to run a shop front…
    *I’m also dreaming of Festival of the Photocopier (Melbourne’s zine fest in February)! It slipped my mind when I thought I’d be moving out of Victoria before February 2017, but
    *Which means I need to prioritise the button/badge maker. Squee!

    I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week!

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: Comics & Beer


    Comics & Beer

    I’ve never been so excited to see that this was an ‘issue 1’ (implying there would be more) and so disappointed to find there were no more. That sort of stuff happens in the zine world, but I would be all over a sequel to this, no matter how many years later.

    Comics & Beer is about life. Rory’s life. From the get-go, you know this isn’t going to be the ‘usual’ sort of perzine thanks to the intro being more of a multiple choice reaction quiz than a ‘hi, my name is X and I’m X years old’.

    Rory has a great writing voice that has liberal pinches of sarcasm, dark humour, and disillusionment. It’s what grabbed me from page one and kept me reading. There are little pieces of humour that you might not catch upon first read. There’s even a mini-zine within the zine with short movie reviews. As far as added touches go, this is an excellent one.

    That’s not to say there aren’t serious moments. In the piece about TV and our (humanity’s) relationship to it, this quote really got me:

    I have shared probably 100 times as many emotional moments with a stupid plastic box as any other living person.

    I love what I love and often read in those areas, so it can be a lot of fun when something like this comes to shake up my reading a bit. When it comes to my own perzines, I’m so stuffy about things and try to have themes and whatnot. It was really refreshing – and reminds me to loosen up! – to read a perzine that felt so wonderfully random in picking snippets of life. Even better, I love perzine that leave me wanting to read the next one in the series straight away. Alas…

    The contact site listed doesn’t work, but that very well could be because (sigh) this is the only zine in this series. I was sad to find that out when I hunted down the Etsy site. At least you can still get copies of this zine, though. You should, too.

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