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    Don’t Call Me Cupcake’s New Cupcake

    Hello, hello, hello. It still feels weird not to be posting every day. I wonder how long that feeling is going to last. Haha.

    With ZineWriMo done and dusted as well as a proper internet connection now in the house, I am catching up on things that have been on my to do list for a long time. One of those things is a new cupcake for the Don’t Call Me Cupcake zine series…

    What do you think? Be kind; I’m not great at drawing.

    I’ve been wanting to switch out the cupcake for a long time. The current cupcake is actually a stamp, and it makes me anxious that someone is going to rock up and tell me I can’t use it or something like that. (I know. Welcome to my anxious mind.)

    I finally went for it, and I think it turned out pretty well for a handdrawn cupcake. I’m very happy to have one less niggle running around in my brain, that’s for sure.

    My list is three pages long, so I’d better get back to it. I hope you are well and having a zine-filled time. I will be back tomorrow with a Thursday review.

    PS. If you want to weigh in on something I’m thinking about, check out this poll on Twitter.

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    ZineWriMo is Coming!

    Hello, zine friends!

    The month of October is coming to a close, which means a big month ahead for many people. Why? NaNoWriMo, the event that challenges people to write 50,000 words in one month.

    So what does that have to do with ZineWriMo? Well, according to the person who came up with it (as far as I know), Kat Mokus:

    ZineWriMo is a new idea that came to me in wanting to combine the original NaNoWriMo and zines!

    ZineWriMo is November! We focus on making one, or many, zines in November! Our only goal is to create zines, no word count requirement!

    ZineWriMo is a fun, relaxed way to get into the zine making space with friends. There is a ZineWriMo Facebook group to help you connect with others, and the #zinewrimo hashtags on places like Twitter and Instagram if they are your preferred places.

    Just to be clear, I definitely didn’t come up with the idea of ZineWriMo. BUT what I did do is come up with a little list of daily activities…

    Ta da! I thought it would be fun to have daily prompts for any time you are feeling a little lost or unmotivated when it comes to getting your zine on in November. This is meant to be fun not stressful, so don’t get too wrapped up in accomplishing everything on every day. (But kudos and internet chocolates to you if you do.)

    So there you have it! Share far, and share wide, zine friends. November is going to be busy!

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    Zine Review: Portraits Issue 1

    Portraits Issue 1
    Chloe Henderson

    I hate to admit it, but I do feel a touch of envy when I see such talented artists – especially those who can draw people well. Chloe Henderson is definitely no exception to this.

    Portraits Issue 1 is a collection of portraits – mostly in black and white but some with colour elements – printed on glossy paper. Most of the portraits are of celebrities, but some are more personal – and all contain fantastical elements.

    Reading this zine is like going to an art show. Each portrait on the right hand page is paired with a title and text – a brief description of how the piece came to be. I liked taking it at my own pace – taking in the portrait, letting my thoughts wander in regard to it, and then bringing myself back over to the text so I could learn more from the artist’s perspective.

    The higher quality paper really served Chloe well in this zine. So much of her art style can draw you in to the tiniest details, and shadowing through from other pages would have ruined that effect. I think it also helped the limited use of colour pop all the more.

    Usually with these sorts of zines, I pick a page or a picture that sticks out as a favourite to me, but it’s so hard in this one. I think ‘definitely Jennifer Lawrence’ but then I look at Neil Gaiman again. And there is something very different about the last of the collection that sets it apart on its own amongst the other portraits.

    So I’ll have to say sorry because a favourite is not jumping out at me. I like them all.

    Holy contact details, Batman! Talk about a contact page. The back cover has pics of Chloe, a bio, links, and even Chloe’s logo. If you’re going to be clear about who you are and where you’re at, then check out the back cover of this zine.

    If you like zines with art and drawings, then this zine should be a part of your collection.

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    Zine Review: Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments

    Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments
    Rebecca Sheedy
    IG: @rebeccasheeeedy @mildscribbling

    Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments is an illustrated review zine highlighting the pros and cons of some of North Adelaide’s eating establishments.

    I must admit to a bit of fangirl glee when I saw this zine because not only do I love Rebecca Sheedy’s art but because (knock on wood) I’ll be moving not too far from Adealide later this year and am quite eager to collect recommendations.

    I’ve already mentioned a few times how much I love Rebecca’s art style, so let’s just say when I love something, I really love something.

    This zine is everything I want in a review – it lists the good, the neutral, and the bad concisely, and it’s illustrated. (I would absolutely love to see more illustrated review zines. It adds a whole new level to the whole thing.) Rebecca’s use of detail suits this so well – even down to the pro/neutral/con circles being coloured in with green/orange/red.

    I literally (and yes, I know how to use that word properly) laughed out loud when I realised that the overall ‘out of five’ rating for each establishment was made up of Keith Conlon heads. I found myself hoping that Keith had or would soon come across this zine and be as delighted with it as I am.

    I am also now tempted to rate things ‘out of five zine ninjas’.

    The thing I wasn’t expecting and thus appreciated all the more was the humour in the review of the Royal Oak Hotel. I really don’t want to spoil it, though, so I’ll merely say thanks for the smile.

    Alas, baked goods are my siren’s call, so I will be trying Bakery on O’Connell when I’m in the area.

    If you’re dismissing this zine because you’re not and will likely never be in Adelaide, then definitely check out Rebecca’s other zines.

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    Zine Review: ADL —> MEL

    ADL —> MEL
    Rebecca Sheedy

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love Rebecca Sheedy’s art style? No? Well here we go…

    ADL —> MEL is a short zine about flying from Adelaide to Melbourne for a short stay during Festival of the Photocopier 2016. I almost hesitate to say ‘during the Festival of the Photocopier 2016’ because while that may be the reason for the trek, it’s only a part of things.

    You follow Rebecca’s journey with brief commentary from Thursday the 11th to Tuesday the 16th. As I mentioned, Festival of the Photocopier is a part of the events, with various zine launches as well as the main event zine fest itself. But no one thing gets too much attention. It’s all like cliff notes, and you follow along with what is shared both in words and images.

    Taking it back out for a moment, I really like the cover. It’s a really nice touch in that it’s a copies plane ticket cut out and pasted to tan cardstock. It’s very unassuming and simple, which makes the colour and detail of everything inside pop all the more.

    Rebecca’s art style is so simple on first glance, but then you realise just how detailed it is. From polka dots on pants to the tiny zine covers. It’s so fun. There are times when things are perfectly enjoyable whether they are in colour or in black and white, but I feel like Rebecca made absolutely the right choice by going full colour because it only adds to the awesomeness that is the Sheedy style.

    This zine is a ‘slice of life’ zine in its truest form. I think based on that alone, you should have a good feeling of whether or not you’ll enjoy this zine. If you’re at all unsure, then definitely check out Rebecca’s zines. (My favourite is ‘X‘ about growing up with The X-Files.)

    Rebecca’s zines have always been and will always be zines that reside in my forever collection in the ‘not for borrows because you might lose them’ section.

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    Zine Review: Sketchbook 1


    Sketchbook 1
    Scheree Reeves

    I’ve always admired people’s ability to draw well. When I was growing up, it seemed like such a magical talent to have. To see things like Sketchbook 1 where some drawings are ‘broken down’ into the individual strokes of linework makes is all the more fascinating…

    Sketechbook 1 is just that – a sketchbook of sorts featuring all sorts of Scheree Reeve’s pieces at various stages of completion. There are ‘rougher’ (I say rougher, but they’re gorgeous by their own right) pieces as well as a full colour, completed centrefold. When it comes to what’s drawn, there’s a lovely variety: from humans to animals and creatures between.

    Really, though, when it comes down to it, I think I would have enjoyed it just as much with less variety.

    This zine is beautifully presented on heavier, glossier paper that suited the completed pieces very, very well. It was a little strange to see the ‘rougher’ sketches on such nice paper, but not to an extent that it took away from the enjoyment of it. For the overall zine, it was a good choice.

    An even better choice? The fact that everything is in full colour. From lines to completed pieces, having full colour really breathed life into everything that I think black and white would have fallen short with.

    This is the kind of zine that’s easy to flip through or dwell on depending on your mood. I can see myself going back to this and looking through it many more times simply for the pleasure of it.

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    Zine Review: Mild Scribbling #6

    Mild Scribblings 6 Zine

    Mild Scribbling #6
    Rebecca Sheedy

    I reviewed Mild Scribblings #5 a while ago and found myself craving something similar to get back into the swing of reviewing zines again. Lo and behold, I was trying to organise my ‘to be read’ zine pile, and I found I had Mild Scribblings #6.

    It’s all coming up Nyx.

    The fact that this zine series is called Mild Scribblings seems oh, so appropriate when I look through at the lovely art inside. There’s something literally calming about it for me. It reminds me of when I was a kid and things got so overwhelming at times that I just sat down with a book and lost myself in the illustrations for a while.

    Rebecca continues to make everyday life into art in a way I find engaging as well as relaxing. I absolutely adore her small but detailed art, the fact that the zine is full-colour, and her tiny, tiny handwriting. (Seriously, do you write that small? Either way, love.)

    The new names for Cadbury Roses chocolates is definitely my favourite. Or maybe the product ideas… Or both.

    Check out Rebecca’s Tumblr! You, too, can check out this interesting, colourful art. If you like what you see there, then definitely pick up this zine, because you will love it, too.

    PS. I have to say that I absolutely adore the idea of the ‘beverage segmentation’ glass. Except maybe segmented vertically like a peace sign so you could have three sections and three straws!

    PPS. My cat has a glow in the dark collar. It is a thing! 😀 Seeing a glowing thing silently making its way across the floor in the middle of the night is super creepy.

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    Zine Review: Mild Scribbling #5

    Mild Scribblings 5

    Mild Scribbling #5
    Rebecca Sheedy

    I had to get my hands on Rebecca’s X-Files zine, and while in her shop, I saw this zine, too and thought I’d take a peek.

    Mild Scribbling #5 is a collection of small, colour art set on nice, slightly glossy paper featuring everyday art. Not that the art is ‘everyday’ but that the art isn’t abstract. There is a hotdog. And a sock. And other wonderful, cute little things. She draws things regarding her Easter 2014, Reasons Why Adam Buxton is Fantastic, and a Hot/Not list.

    I don’t want to give away anything as such, but I did want to give a tiny little peek inside (apologies for the less than stellar photo):

    2016-02-11 17.25.26

    Mild Scribbling #5 reminds me a little of The Third Biannual Mildly Informative Booklet Depicting Graphical Representations of General Occurrences and Observations and Every Morning in that it takes something people usually take for granted or don’t think about and turns it into something lovely.

    In this case, adorable, colourful art.

    It does involve some tiny, tiny writing (which adds to the adorableness of it) that might be a problem for some, but it’s not a good day unless I’m getting up close and personal with a zine at some point.

    There’s something so fresh and simple to this zine that it easily earns its way into my permanent collection.

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    Dear Anonymous 3 Sneak Peek


    ‘Grocery list? Nyx, why are you showing us a grocery list?’
    ‘Let me explain…’

    I love making Dear Anonymous. The Perfect Pocket Guinness Guide might be the first zine I ever made, but Dear Anonymous was my first zine idea.

    Whenever I receive a letter to put into the zine, most times I know exactly how I want to present it. The picture of what to do with the words, what art (if any) to include, pops into my head almost instantaneously. There has been one or two times when I have stared at a letter and come up with a big zero, but I shrug those off.

    So, what’s up with the grocery list?

    From my attempts at sketching in the first zine to this zine, my style has changed a lot. I use a lot more typing, more elements, etc. This grocery list? Well, I got it into my head that one letter for DA3 had to be a note on the front of a refrigerator. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. Not a clue. I just cut up the bits of paper, drew on them and taped them to the page…

    So, because I’ve taken so long with DA3 and because I missed the reviews last week, I figured I would break my own rules and give you a full-page sneak peek of one of the DA3 letters. This is the original, so it will look different in the finished zine. I think you can imagine what the black and white version will be like.


    I’m currently working on a fake yearbook autograph page for a background for another letter. It never lets up, this crazy mind of mine.

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    Working (Zine-ing? Zining?) Away


    I walked into my work room this morning and found this sketch on an A5 piece of paper. I couldn’t help but smile, feeling glad that the sketch I’d hovered over before I went to bed last night actually looked good in the light of day.

    I’m not very skilled at drawing, so I always hesitate to draw anything. But I’m also not exactly rolling in money, so I can’t justify buying stock images. This set of scales is mental to be a visual joke to go along with one of the letters for Dear Anonymous 3.

    (Side note: Biggest issue of DA ever.)

    It’s nearly always a pleasant surprise to see what I’ve left on my desk from the night before. I feel like I’m almost two different people. Morning and most of daytime me is much better with doing more buisness-related stuff, data entry, etc. Nighttime me is much more creative. Night is when I sketch, draw, work on the ‘art’ that goes along with the letters. If I know that I’ll have time during the next day to work on something that I’ve been tinkering away with at night, I’ll even leave creative/design notes for myself to read in the morning.

    I’m not exactly sure what that makes me (besides a workaholic), but I like it. It makes me feel like I’m in tune with some sort of natural rhythm.

    PS. No mail this week!

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