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    Don’t Call Me Cupcake’s New Cupcake

    Hello, hello, hello. It still feels weird not to be posting every day. I wonder how long that feeling is going to last. Haha.

    With ZineWriMo done and dusted as well as a proper internet connection now in the house, I am catching up on things that have been on my to do list for a long time. One of those things is a new cupcake for the Don’t Call Me Cupcake zine series…

    What do you think? Be kind; I’m not great at drawing.

    I’ve been wanting to switch out the cupcake for a long time. The current cupcake is actually a stamp, and it makes me anxious that someone is going to rock up and tell me I can’t use it or something like that. (I know. Welcome to my anxious mind.)

    I finally went for it, and I think it turned out pretty well for a handdrawn cupcake. I’m very happy to have one less niggle running around in my brain, that’s for sure.

    My list is three pages long, so I’d better get back to it. I hope you are well and having a zine-filled time. I will be back tomorrow with a Thursday review.

    PS. If you want to weigh in on something I’m thinking about, check out this poll on Twitter.

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    #ZineWriMo Day 22: Work In Progress Wednesday

    Hello, zine friends! A bit of a late post for me today, but that’s because today’s prompt is to work on zines in progress, and I have been working hard all day! It feels good to make progress on these zines after feeling creatively blocked for quite a while.

    Checking back in with my goals:

    *Complete ZineWriMo – don’t miss any days
    *Complete all ZineWriMo mini-zines
    *Complete mini-zines: Little Reminders 2, Little Reminders 3
    *Complete all writing for Don’t Call Me Cupcake 9

    Bonus round:

    *Complete Dear Anonymous 7
    *Complete Don’t Call Me Cupcake 9 (just the proof copy to take care of)
    *Complete Don’t Call Me Cupcake 9.5 (in progress – nearly there)

    I also finished up Missives From Murray Bridge 3! I wanted to finish Don’t Call Me Cupcake 9.5 today, but I didn’t quite get through all the bits and pieces.

    How’d you go with things today? Did you get into any zine goodness? Let me know in the comments.

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    Quick Updates

    I have two new zines up for sale in my Etsy shop!

    ‘Don’t Call Me Cupcake: 2017’ is the seventh of a perzine series about my life. In this zine, I write about deciding not to write zines on a schedule, how my cat has used up most of his nine lives over the past few months, dealing with anxiety and mania at the same time, share the first chapter of my fourth novel, and more.

    (PDF version coming soon)

    The F Word is a zine about my favourite expletive and is an expanded version of an essay I wrote for one of my professional editing courses. (Top marks, if you are curious.) While it does poke fun at swearing, it also examines the history, versatility, and other factors that makes f*** a swear word for the ages.

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    Even Reviewers Get Reviewed

    Yep, even reviewers get reviewed. Or maybe especially? Though Fishspit doesn’t seem to be taking any particular revenge on this reviewer. Enjoy Joe Fishpit’s review of Don’t Call Me Cupcake 7.

    Don’t Call Me Cupcake #7 is like looking at a beautiful dark cloud that has a silver lining. I’m very fond of clouds, especially dark clouds, and i’m very fond of this zine.

    Nyx is one weird goddamned chick . . . and she struggles mightily . . . but if she wasn’t so weird, and she didn’t suffer more than her share, we wouldn’t have such a delightful zine.

    I have no ability to think or write linear, so let’s just pop around. Asimov! If you don’t adore cats, i’ve got no use for you. I find anything written about a person’s cat fascinating. Asimov went through the ringer. Nyx’s angst follows him through his trials. She includes pictures and that cat is one fine looking fellow. I’ve never met him so i can’t say for sure, but he looks delightfully stoic . . . with a touch of sorrow in in his huge eyes . . . maybe over man’s inhumanity to animals.

    For the first time in a Cupcake Nyx includes some of her fiction . . . from an upcoming novel. Yes . . . this bluestocking writes novels too. It’s a schizo experience because her fiction voice is completely different than her zine voice. I guess that’s what makes her a true writer . . . one who can disengage from their usual voice. It’s good fiction! This surprised me! I assumed that Nyx wrote insipid, gomer type literature for over-sized lesbian broads that dress up as some sort of cross between Bigfoot and Sheena for their fantasy cons. I was wrong.

    92 Truths is the stuff of strange humor by one that has had to laugh to keep from crying. On Manic Panic: you know when you are in the grocery store and there’s a cart sitting there . . . with a few things in it . . . but no one is around to claim it? That’s Nyx’s cart! She’s “gone baby gone!”

    On I Don’t Love Myself – And That’s Okay: Even the little neurotic woman that lives in Nyx’s brain has a neurotic woman living in her brain! You’d want Nyx’s brain about as much as you’d want a case of leprosy. Check it out! Nyx is a pretty positive person for being a completely whacked out weirdo . . . and even this delve into the realms of negativity has weird twists into P.M.A. (positive mental attitude – like the Bad Brains song). Nyx is an absolute expert at overthinking things. You like a good ping pong match? You’ll love this article!

    One of my fave parts of Cupcake is the Little Thoughts. Another bunch of bubbles of wonderful wit and crazy insight in this issue.

    If you don’t order this zine you are robbing yourself the pleasure of looking into one of the most fascinating minds in the zine world. I guarantee you will dig this zine! If you don’t . . . well . . . “I pity the fool.”

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    Prep for the Melbourne Art Book Fair Zine Fest

    Wowza. So much work to do and never enough time to do it!

    Sticky Institute (ardent defenders of zine culture since 2001) has been invited by the National Gallery of Victoria to run a zine fair in conjunction with their Melbourne Art Book Fair, taking place between Friday 17 – Sunday 19 March 2017.

    Sea Green Zines will be participating(!) as part of one hundred zine makers Sticky has invited to display and sell their work at the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair. This showcase will present Melbourne’s vibrant DIY publishing community alongside zines from around Australia.

    The zine fair will be happening in the ‘kitchen space’ between the gift shop and the Great Hall.

    (Here is the Facebook link for the Sea Green Zines-specific event.)

    Things have been in an absolute flurry around SGZ headquarters as I print copies, covers, and labels as well as do soooooo much sewing and folding.

    So much of all the things. When you have seven of one zine series, six of another, and a few one-off zines, even doing a few copies of each one quite quickly turns into a huge stack of work.

    Wanderer is so awesome, though, and knows that I will work and work while forgetting everything else, so he kept the coffee flowing. Later in the day…

    …he set up a little ‘relax retreat’ in the back yard. <3 That guy.

    This is the stack of sewing that I finished at twenty minutes past midnight last night. Ooof!

    There’s still a stack of things to do, which is why I might not be the best at keeping up with pretty much every other facet of my life. Reviews will still be going up this week, but there will be delays in email or other message responses.

    Aaaaand, just as a little sneaky…

    You all know how much I absolutely adore zines, and I am absolutely tickled that Sticky invited me to table at this event. I will have all my zines there for your purchasing pleasure.

    However, given it’s the art book fair… I will also have a few copies of my novel, Dark Echoes, there, too. You can get a signed copy for your awesome self. I’ll pop the synopsis at the end of this post. (Yes, it’s the third in a series, but it can be read as a standalone.)

    Well, that’s me for now.

    Dark Echoes


    Lily Peterson is a wolf who hunts alone. Haunted by the attack that left her best friend permanently human, she will do whatever it takes to catch her prey.


    Jason North is one of the Neuri, a pack of werewolves with special abilities. He knows he’s never met Lily before, but his instincts tell him he has. He’ll keep her close until he figures out why.


    A war that has played out across lifetimes threatens to consume Echo Falls. Friends become enemies, and old enemies become allies. Lily fights against memories that aren’t hers, forced toward a fate she doesn’t believe in.

    Fate is about to learn that Lily doesn’t like being told what to do.

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    2017 Zine Plans


    Forgive the last post, my friends. The timing doesn’t matter as much these days with the way blogs and the internet works, but I’d like to stay at least mostly consistent in my posting. Alas, I’m improving my health this year (day 11 no sugar – woo!), and my new morning routine has thrown everything else out.

    As much as I said that I don’t have resolutions as such, I realised that I do actually have plans for the year ahead.

    Zine-wise, I want to create my PCOS Zine because it’s a subject very close to my heart, so I’ll keep crossing fingers that I’ll get entries in. I also have plans for a hemp vs cotton zine, a review zine, as well as a few others.

    Don’t Call Me Cupcake and Dear Anonymous will continue on as they are. Because I love them. Hehe.



    I want to go to Festival of the Photocopier, but it’s very much up in the air right now due to finances. I’m so close to Melbourne, but it still costs to get there, unfortunately. For now, it’s crossing fingers and saving all the bikkies.

    Mini-Zine March

    Mini-Zine March rises again! I only started this last year, but it’s been on my mind for months. I fully plan on getting right into mini-zines for the month of March.

    July is International Zine month, and I’m jumping in again this year.

    This starts to get into the ‘up in the air’ time that is the Great Big Interstate SeaGreenZines Move 2017. We’ll get a better idea of the timeline possibly as soon as February, but for right now, we’re looking at late July to early September as ‘might be moving somewhere in here’ time. I’ll be working hard in the months before then to make sure the transition is as smooth (and unnoticeable) as possible here on the blog.

    What a big year ahead! And I can’t forget that I’ll probably hit my 200th review this year as well. No rest for the zine obsessed. 😉

    Well that’s me for this year. Feel free to link your ‘plans for 2017’ posts in the comments.

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    Happy Hawaiian Zine Mail & Other Happenings

    Hello beautiful people! Yes, I am in a most excellent mood. I have discovered that there is numbing throat spray out there, and I finally got a good night’s sleep because I wasn’t waking up regularly in agony.

    The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and some beautifully bright happy mail came from Hawaii!


    This picture does not do these zine covers justice. We’re talking highlighter pink and highlighter orange covers here, and they are the only piece of mail to come into my post box for days! What a gorgeous day to break a dry spell. Thank you so, so much Anna from Hawaii!


    Today has been a busy, busy day (yeah, kind of mixing up happy mail and done/doing/dreaming in this post) with plenty happening because I’m not good at planning for rainy (or sick) days. A big part was taking pictures and updating my Etsy shop a bit.

    The Zen Zine Pack (one of everything) now actually shows pictures with all the zines available, and prices more accurately reflect the time/effort put into them. I’d love to have one price across the board for every zine I make, but that’s not practical (especially with all the extra work that goes into Don’t Call Me Cupake).

    This is how I get when the various zine groups start giving me ideas.

    Anyway, I’d better keep going and going, as Kickass is coming over to my place very soon, and there’s still so much more to do! I hope you all have a lovely week and a lovely start to December later this week.

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    Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 – Now Available on Etsy!


    Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 – the sixth in the zine series about my life – is now up on Etsy in both physical and digital forms.

    Number 6 – Spring – is a bit of an emotional one where I share the story of Wanderer’s time in hospital, talk about Boggin moving, start facing my fears when it comes to my mental illness, and more.


  • Done, Doing, Dreaming

    Done, Doing, Dreaming – Hayfever Edition

    No happy mail this week, so here’s a less structured version of DDD.


    I have been hit by hayfever HARD, to the point where I felt I had no choice but to phernergan up. While it works great as an antihistamine and has long-lasting results (for me), it also puts me to sleep for one to two days in exchange.

    That was… awesome. Nothing like difficulty breathing to remind you why you’re moving far, far away.


    I finished the layout for Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 yesterday and am taking a little break from proofing it to write this post. Regular trading partners will have their copies in the mail this week and, with some luck, I’ll have the paper and digital versions up in Etsy this week as well.

    In the wake of Asimov’s sudden operation and the fact he still might need another one, he’s become – against his will – an indoor cat. Thanks to a 50% off sale and my increasing levels of fur-mama guilt, I bought and built him a cat tower.


    Bigger than I was expecting…


    Asimov: Customs Cat


    Of course you like the box more.


    This should be easy…


    Are we done yet?


    Behold! Cat tower! 100% built by Nyx!


    I think he actually likes it… Then again, why wouldn’t he like being above my head?

    Yep, that’s really all. My brain isn’t quite working on all cylinders at the moment, so bear with me. More to come!

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    ZineWriMo Update + Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 Sneak Peek


    The rollercoaster that has been life since… gosh, probably back into August… made me realise that I haven’t really given a ZineWriMo update since I first posted about it. Oops!


    I’m one of those people who always has so many ideas rather than not any. I want to do all the things on top of all of the things I’m already doing. There’s always something to do. I started my ZineWriMo prep by gathering all the notecards, sticky notes, envelopes, napkins and the like, and putting them into a proper ideas notebook.

    I have been working on pieces for Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6, but there has been a particularly insistant idea bouncing around in my mind for a few weeks. When I sat down to dig into zine making this weekend, I found myself naturally gravitating towards creating this zine…

    It’s different in size, shape, subject, and pretty much everything else that I’m used to creating in my zines. So, of course I would mess up the pages, end up needing to cut everything and then washi tape it back together so it would copy/print properly.



    I ended up scanning it into the computer because that was just the simplest way to clean up the pages and make copies. I have yet to make the covers, so this zine is still ‘in progress’. It’s also the first zine that I have yet to be sure if I’m even going to release, as it’s a bit… It makes me feel a bit vulnerable, to be honest. I’m still very glad I made it, either way.

    Now, while all this has been going on, I’ve also been working on Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6. I was feeling quite stuck and unsure (no idea why). Whenever that happens in my writing, I go back to longhand. That usually does the trick of getting me out of whatever muck I’m in.

    Seeing as I’m running late with it anyway, I thought I would share the very first page of Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6…


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