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    I so have this being sick thing down. So much so that I’m totally over it now.

    A different antibiotic, a lot more sleep and more time have me finally feeling human again. At least, human enough to be really pissed off that most of my July was lost to sleep or feeling like crap. Not happy at all, but it’s gone now, so…

    Good things are on there way. I have the second print runs of Dear Anonymous 3 and Don’t Call Me Cupcake nearly ready to sew. I’ve also started cracking on Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2. There have been a few submissions for Dear Anonymous 4 as well. Busy, busy!

    More to come soon.

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    Dear Anonymous 3 Arriving & Second Print Run


    DA3 contributors have been awesome and let me know that my little loves have been arriving all over the world. What a rush. The feedback from both the contributors and other readers has been completely positive so far.

    They’ve all gone so quick that I’m already onto the second print run for DA3.

    Will Dear Anonymous 4 be even bigger? Even better? We’ll have to wait to find out. But 3 and 4 will be the first issues to be released within the space of one year…

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    Eventually, I will stop being a workaholic.
    Eventually, I will be strict and only allow myself to work normal hours.
    Eventually, I’ll be able to say ‘no’ and.or ‘not right now’.

    Eventually, I will learn to put the deadlines I set in my calendar. That way, when I say that Dear Anonymous 3 will be sent out to contributors at the end of January, Dear Anonymous 3 will be sent out at the end of January.

    Hell or high water, these are going out to contributors on Monday. After that, I will actually stick to my commitments like posting up two reviews a week and engaging with other bloggers.

    Dear Anonymous 3

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    Do you want to know what this is? No? Darn…

    Just kidding. I am so happy! This is a top view of Dear Anonymous 3! It’s finished! Kind of. I still need to make the master copy so I can put this away, make copies and print off the cover as well. But I’m very close to completely finished!

    If I recall my numbers correctly, this is twice the size of DA2. I’m still going with the less protective paper to cover it, though, because I can’t find minty/sea green cardstock for the life of me. Grr.

    Anyway, woohoo! It’s a touch after 11pm my time, and I’m happy about that. I was shooting for midnight.

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    Dear Anonymous 3 Sneak Peek


    ‘Grocery list? Nyx, why are you showing us a grocery list?’
    ‘Let me explain…’

    I love making Dear Anonymous. The Perfect Pocket Guinness Guide might be the first zine I ever made, but Dear Anonymous was my first zine idea.

    Whenever I receive a letter to put into the zine, most times I know exactly how I want to present it. The picture of what to do with the words, what art (if any) to include, pops into my head almost instantaneously. There has been one or two times when I have stared at a letter and come up with a big zero, but I shrug those off.

    So, what’s up with the grocery list?

    From my attempts at sketching in the first zine to this zine, my style has changed a lot. I use a lot more typing, more elements, etc. This grocery list? Well, I got it into my head that one letter for DA3 had to be a note on the front of a refrigerator. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. Not a clue. I just cut up the bits of paper, drew on them and taped them to the page…

    So, because I’ve taken so long with DA3 and because I missed the reviews last week, I figured I would break my own rules and give you a full-page sneak peek of one of the DA3 letters. This is the original, so it will look different in the finished zine. I think you can imagine what the black and white version will be like.


    I’m currently working on a fake yearbook autograph page for a background for another letter. It never lets up, this crazy mind of mine.

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    Chookless Head*

    It’s interesting how quickly something can become a part of your life. While, in reality, I missed two reviews and Sunday Call for Subs (the latter not really ‘missed’, as no one had a claim on it). Not the end of the world by any means. But I do still feel a little odd when I miss a day here.

    All for good reason. Wanderer had a rather significant birthday on this weekend, so I did have to dedicate some time to finding memes to plaster all over his Facebook wall. My favourite:

    weird balloons

    I was also responsible for the birthday cake. Wanderer requested chocolate cheesecake with chocolate chips. I did him one better and included a chocolate base, chocolate ganache, and chocolate chips sprinkled on top. This is what that looks like:


    On another note…

    The good news is that my technical difficulties appear to have stemmed (knock on wood that it remains in the past tense) from a software problem rather than a hardware problem. Also, while I have run out of some ink on my printer, I still have plenty of good ol’ black so I can finish up DA3 without a problem. I’m hitting that hard today because I *love* some of these letters so much and want to see them in final form.

    A little stumble in the beginning of the year is certainly nothing new for me. The world keeps turning.

    Now for zine-making!

    *Chookless Head? Well… Headless Chicken = Headless Chook + switch it around = Chookless Head

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    Hello 2015! Collecting My Thought Bubbles

    Blue bubbles

    Yeah, I’ve become a tad bit obsessed with ‘Bokeh’. No more bokeh posting for at least a month!


    Okay! So, it is the first day of a new year, and it also happens to be a Thursday. No review for today (if you hadn’t already guessed that), but things will be back to normal tomorrow.

    Yes, as the post title suggests, I am in the midst of collecting my thought bubbles. I’m feeling pretty good and confident about what is happening here on SGZ with posting and such. I do, however, have two other blogs and a stack of zines I would like to create.

    Dear Anonymous 3 is at the top of the list. I’ve had a few more submissions come in, so I’ve slipped back from being about halfway through. I’m still shooting for a January launch. There is also Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2 coming up after that as well as a SOOPER SEKRET ZEEN that I am so excited about.

    If I had only that, then things would be going a lot faster. But I also am in the middle of designing a 2015 planner that will also help people with mental illness (focusing on the up/down nature of bipolar) track their moods and mood influencers. (That is too a word, WordPress!) The 2014 holiday season really packed a punch this year, so this planner is for me. I am planning on releasing a less Nyx-specific planner/mood tracker a bit later.

    So that’s what I’m up to and what I’m thinking about. I don’t know if anyone actually likes these posts (besides me because I am such a voyeur interested in people’s lives). It does feel good to sit down and sort it all out in my head, though.

    Upwards and onwards!

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