• Happy Mail

    Beautiful, Colourful Happy Mail

    Side note: I do usually post happy mail pictures on the day I actually receive the mail on Instagram (@seagreenzines). Sorry if you’ve already seen some or all of these pics.

    I have been spoiled so much with happy mail recently. So many positive, lovely things coming in to really make my week – my birthday week! Hehehe. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a generous community. I need to lift my game so I can respond quickly.

    Postcard from Tasha Happy Mail

    How cool is this postcard from Tasha? I love it! It makes me want to make Zine Ninja postcards. Even better, Tasha wrote such an amazingly wonderful message on the back (I’m not comfortable sharing without express permission to do so) that made me feel so good about this site.

    Postcard Bundle Happy Mail

    This isn’t zine mail, but I love to share all the mail that comes in. Courtesy of SendSomething comes this lovely envie with postcards and a cute handmade booklet with my name on it.

    I wanted to make a special point with this in that, in the letter, the sender says she hopes I like the postcards but they could line the birdcage if not, and she’s just beginning making the books so she hoped I didn’t mind…

    Of course I don’t mind! It made me sad to think that this lovely person who had taken the time to put this together and has sent me something with my name on it (spelled correctly IN GLITTER LETTERS) would ever think that I might lift my nose at something she’d sent me.

    Whether it’s a note or a box of of zines, I absolutely adore mail. No, I don’t keep every sticker, every postcard, or even every zine. But if they don’t make my heart sing, I will only ever pass them on to someone who might enjoy them more than I do.

    I really hope that no one ever, ever feels like whatever they send isn’t good enough or might not be given the respect it deserves.

    Colourful Zine Pack Happy Mail

    Hello, zine community! Haha. I love this so much because it came from a complete stranger who got my post box not from the site but from a mutual zinemaking friend. Six degrees of separation stuff for the win. And what a fun assortment of goodies! There are some absolutely adorable itty bitty envelopes of itty bitty things that makes me want to start making mail videos. For now, pictures with my hand in them for some scale.

    Itty Bitty Envelope 2

    Itty Bitty Envelope

    Itty Bitty Zine 2

    Itty Bitty Zine

    A very heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has sent me happiness to my post box!

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