• Calls for Submissions

    Call for Submissions: Postcards From The Mind Palace

    Calls for Zine Pieces Submissions

    ‘Postcards From The Mind Palace’ wants your real life stories.

    Everyone has interesting stories to tell- weird dating tales, holiday adventures that went awry, new jobs that didn’t go as planned, eventful family visits, drunken shenanigans, whatever. I’m looking for your interesting/entertaining stories from your past of whatever type. Just nothing too harrowing/disturbing please.

    Up to about 750 words. Deadline May 15th.

    Though as I’m not looking for any sort of literary masterpiece, why not just write it up right now. Tell it pretty much in the way you’d tell the story in person to somebody, and send it to ja.wilkinson@yahoo.co.uk in the body of the email.

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