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Selling Your Zine Online Pt 6: GumRoad – The Zine Collector Ep 017

Hello, zine friends! Welcome to the last day of this five days of checking out online marketplaces. Have I saved the best for last? Perhaps! Check out the video to see if GumRoad is the way to go for selling zines online.


People/Places/Zines Mentioned This Episode:

*The Zine Collector Episode 13 (Etsy):
*The Zine Collector Episode 14 (Ebay):
*The Zine Collector Episode 15 (Storenvy):
*The Zine Collector Episode 16 (Tictail):

*GumRoad Marketplace:
*GumRoad FAQ & Info:

*All currency conversions done on XE:

*Zine World Calendar:

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  • rebelsister

    I’ve really enjoyed your podcast series! even though I haven’t got any immediate plans to start an online shop but it’s useful to know what’s out there and what the various options are. i’m certainly interested in any other series or individual podcasts you’d record on similar subjects! i was also wondering about the pros and cons of the various social media for promoting zines now i’ve just got an instagram account (and still finding it a bit weird and overwhelming to work with while it also seems more simple/limited than f.e. facebook as well as more friendly/supportive).

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