Ran Out of Spoons


I ran out of spoons before noon today. Ugh.

I went back to bed – despite the beautiful day – to see if I could rustle up a few more. Wanderer was great. I don’t think he even knew what I was on about, but he jumped into bed, played ‘little spoon’ for a while, got out of bed, said: “Consider yourself spooned”, and went on his merry way.

For someone in the position I’m in, I don’t think a lot about how many spoons I have or how I’m using them. Thanks to my bipolar, the number of spoons I have from day to day can vary a lot.

This week? The spoon gods have not been generous.

The thing is, I don’t want to apologise anymore. I don’t want to feel guilty. Spoon supply issues are spoon supply issues. I don’t think I’m breaking any hearts by not posting here as much as I want to.

More than that, I want to reach out and say hello to those who don’t have a lot of spoons to spare. For you to use up a spoon on reading my ramblings here is an honour that I am not equipped to accurately describe in words.

You are amazing. I wish I could give you spoons.

Spoons for all.

Zine Ninja approves.

(You have no idea what I’m on about? Read The Spoon Theory.)

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