PSA: Sending Stuff to Australia AKA Postage Piss-Offs

Postage to and from Australia can be a bit of a piss off.


We’re kind of stuck here with a long way to go to get anywhere. So, of course postage is going to suck. Even so, you can imagine my shock when a potential trade went up in smoke because:

I went to the post office… and they wanted to charge me over $20 to send three zines.

Wait… wait… What?

I know we’re far away and all, but in no universe does it cost that much to send zines to Australia. I took a couple pictures to prove it:


This envelope contained three zines (US half-fold), a greeting-type card and a business card.


This one contained one zine (US half-fold), a mini-zine, and a single-page note.

If your post office tries to tell you that sending a few zines costs more than $20:

1. Make sure they are charging for letter post, not parcel post. I’m not sure if those are the exact categories in US mail, but it all comes down to sending documents versus sending other items.

2. Ask for other shipping options. They might be trying to put you down for first class, express shipping or some other such stuff. They might be assuming that you want extra cover, sign at the door, blah blah blah.

3. If they still insist that it’s $20+ (and you’re definitely sending paper material only), then screw them and either go to another office or go pre-paid. Even a pre-paid First-Class Mail® International Large Envelope only costs $12.60 USD. How do I know?

4. Look it up on the USPS International Postage Calculator. If you do that, then you can say you did that and hold them accountable.

There’s my little rant for the day. It may seem like a small thing to some, but it’s definitely not to me. For reasons.

Your Thoughts?

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