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    Feral Publication Reviews Missives From Murray Bridge & Paper Currency 1

    Hello, dear zine friends! I’m so happy to share some ‘reviewer gets reviewed’ goodness with you today. Hehe. Feral Publication has reviewed my monthly life newsletter type zine Missives From Murray Bridge as well as Paper Currency 1!

    And they are in handy dandy video form for your viewing pleasure.

    If you haven’t checked out the Feral Publication YouTube channel before, I highly recommend it. There are a heap of zine reviews, the Anarchist Zinester Vlog series, travel vlogs, and even short films!

    Thank you to Feral Publication for not only reading my zines but reviewing them as well!

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    Mini-Zine March? Oh, Dear…

    Oh, dear dear dear.

    That didn’t go very well.

    First off, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Amber is Blue and Apples for guest reviewing during a very difficult time for me. I appreciate it more than words can say.

    I decided 2019 wouldn’t be the year that I’d start doing a prompts list for Mini-Zine March thanks to there being so much going on already. I’ve already talked about how things went wrong last month, so I won’t go over it again, but I didn’t get to do anywhere near all the things I wanted to do for the month.

    Alas, that’s just the way it works sometimes.

    The beat goes on, dear zine friends, and what doesn’t happen in March can happen in April or May. 🙂 I still have a lot of plans, and I’m excited to be able to share them with you soon.

    I hope you all had a wonderful month and will have a wonderful month ahead. No Happy Mail came this week, so until next time…

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    Zine Event: Perth Comic Arts Festival

    The Perth Comic Arts Festival is back again for 2019!

    Come and join us for the PCAF Festival Day on the 6th July at the ECU campus in Mount Lawley!

    ✧ Discover amazing comics and zines created by local and interstate talent at our MARKET HALL ✧
    ✧ Explore your own creativity in one of our wonderful all-ages COMIC MAKING WORKSHOPS✧
    ✧ Listen to our ARTIST TALKS for an insight into their passion ✧
    ✧ Experience two EXHIBITIONS that highlight the incredible variety of what comics can be! ✧

    And the best thing about PCAF? Everything at the event is FREE to attend!

    **Applications close 14th April! Apply here: https://forms.gle/9mCvn7SUtiCmMbwF9**

    We have an onsite cafe to meet your caffeine and sustenance needs.
    PCAF is a wheelchair accessible event.

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay up to date on PCAF as we announce more details!

    Photographs & film footage will be taken at this event for use in ECU promotional material, the ECU website & social media. Please notify event staff if you do not wish your image to be included.

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    Call for Calls for Submissions: Spread the Word About Your Zine/Distro/Library!

    Zine Calls for Submissions

    Share your call for submissions, let people know about your distro or zine library, announce your newest zine, let people know you are crowdfunding a zine project…

    If you have an announcement to make that has to do with zines, do it here! Sea Green Zines wants to be your megaphone. Even better? It’s an automatic shout out on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr when your call is posted here.

    Big fuzzy love hearts to those who have a .jpg call for subs, but all are welcome. Get in touch by emailing seagreenzines[at]gmail.com or comment below.

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: Ghosting

    Mr Zinester

    Ghosting is a landscape, full colour mini-zine both comic and art in two parts.

    I’ll state right at the start that I really love Mr Zinester’s work, and I’m so excited to get the chance to share my excitement with you.

    Mr Zinester once again blurs lines between zine, comic, and art piece with Ghosting. Twenty-three cards are held together by two bulldog clips, and with no cover, title, or introduction, you’re immediately thrust into the work itself.

    Ghosting consists of two parts. The first half is printed on lovely textured cream paper in the drawing style you see pictured above with the text clearly separated by a box at the bottom of each. The second part is a completely different art style – more anime in nature with visual call backs to the first part that made me smile. This section is more akin to a realistic anime style and is printed on beautiful holographic card.

    I don’t usually go into the physical aspects of a zine straight away, but they were the first things I noticed about this zine. Taking it out of the bag, I immediately stopped to run my fingertips along the textured paper before flipping it to run them along the smooth holographic paper. I loved Mr Zinester’s paper choices so much that I took the bulldog clips off rather than use them as a binding and risking possible damage to the cards.

    Being familiar with Mr Zinester’s work, I happily Googled the words that went along with the pictures. Lo and behold, this is another piece inspired by (I’m assuming) and featuring song lyrics! I won’t spoil the song, but I felt like it was a fun little near-secret.

    I was a little sad to see no mention of Mr Zinester anywhere on the zine. On one hand, I understand the desire to let the work be the work and want to assume that any sort of social or contact details would be given along with the zine on a separate card or something of the like. On the other hand, that is an assumption.

    Mr Zinester is one of the zinemakers who intrigues me by pushing boundaries in regards to what is a zine and how you can make them. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you check out Ghosting and everything else Mr Zinester creates.

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: Stories Behind the Ink

    Stories Behind the Ink
    Compiled by Mel Buttigieg

    Stories Behind the Ink is an A5, full-colour zine collection of real tattoos and the stories behind them.

    If I have biases with this zine, they’re that I like tattoos, have tattoos, and am irritated by the amount of unwelcome commentary people with tattoos get from others.

    Mel says much of the same at the start of this zine. With black print on a red background, the first page isn’t one to read in low lighting. However, it was worth the light delay of finding a better lamp as Mel writes about the strange (annoying, confronting, etc) phenomena where some people think they have a right to ask personal questions of and even touch tattooed people simply because they bear art on their skin.

    But enough with the things that get my teeth grinding in profound understanding and empathy.

    Stories Behind the Ink shows off glorious tattoo photos in full colour and on glossy paper. Along with the tattoo/s, each page shares the pertinent details (age, artist, etc) and the stories behind the art. Every page (with a full spread or two) are clearly titled with the person’s name.

    I think I would have enjoyed this zine even if I didn’t have tattoos. It’s so interesting to me to read about the decisions behind each tattoos, the memories, the fun, and sometimes the heartfelt meanings. Whether they chose the art for smiles or to honour others and themselves, I loved reading about it.

    I really adored Sylvia’s story – one of how even seeming permanence can still change. Of how we can adapt and grow with those changes.

    I think this is a great zine to pick up. Especially if you have tattoos, want tattoos, or are a tattoo voyeur. Haha.

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail Monday – No Fools Edition

    Hello, and Happy Mail Monday, friends! Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day, but there are no pranks here. Just zine love! Check out the cool zine that came all the way from the US.

    Thank you so much for watching.


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