No Mail Makes for a Sad Nyx


I realise now that a good portion of my day-to-day happiness depends on the mail. Sending it, receiving it. I obviously need to send out more mail because my post box has been a very sad post box.

On another note, I updated the cover photo for the SGZ Facebook page. Tee hee!

Screenshot 2015-09-28 12.05.29

I feel like I have recovered from completely running out of spoons, and the whole experience gave me some perspective.

Something I’d really like to do here is add more of me. Nyx. My life. I got so wrapped up in this idea of ‘you can’t make anything (social media account, YouTube channel, etc) really take off unless it’s specialised’. Meaning sticks to one subject. There have been plenty of times in the past when I could have posted something here but didn’t because it wasn’t really zine related.

But what’s the point in that? What’s the point of self-censorship? What’s the point of keeping my fingers still (does that work? ‘keeping my mouth shut’ doesn’t really work) when there is *nothing* riding on me keeping this place all about the zines?

I want to make friends here. It’s something I have trouble doing face-to-face, so I love connecting in these sorts of spaces.

Introverts Unite

I love memes, being silly, and making people laugh. But I get so wrapped up in what I think I ‘should’ be doing that I forget that no one gives a solitary fuck and is looking over my shoulder. Even if they were, they would simply click away, and I would never know.

So where’s the harm?

Well. Didn’t this turn into a much longer post than I intended…

Anyway, I hope your universe is treating you well and that you feel cool checking out mine.

I’m going to go have an ice cream now.

Your Thoughts?

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