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Mini-Zine Review: X

X-Files Zine

Rebecca Sheedy

The “X” is actually CUT OUT of the cover to reveal the green paper behind. I swear, if I love that any more, I would burst into a pile of confetti and doughnuts. Love it!

X-Files Zine Cover

There is so much work put into this one small zine – it’s fantastic. Very detailed, full colour art set up in a comicbook style, printed on nice glossy paper, the green paper just on the inside cover, the aforementioned ‘X’, and even a little sticker on the front to say that it’s a “Bonus Unsubmitted & Unfinished Honours Thesis” (with every purchase of its companion zine that you can find on the Etsy shop).

I’ve come to see that I don’t quite have Rebecca’s level of love for the X-Files, but I’m happy to admit defeat to someone like Rebecca. This zine shares her dedication and love for the X-Files through her childhood/teenage years. I enjoyed following along with the various X-dedicated projects she did alone as well as with her friends.

I like that this zine is about the X-Files (<3) on the surface, but it's also a reference back to some things in my childhood. From what I gathered in this zine, Rebecca is only a year older than me. This zine kept me smiling not only about the show but about things like becoming a master at pausing the VHS recording to skip the ad breaks and making my own newsletters in Microsoft Publisher 95.

The only nitpick I have with this is that there aren't any sort of contact details on here. That in combination with a title like 'X' is going to make it hard for people to find the person who made it. I know this is a bonus zine sold with other zines, but things get separated.

Definitely one for the permanent collection, that's for sure.

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